Flushing Autoflower

I just flushed my plant on day 60 I was wondering do I continue to water the remaining 10 days or just the flush itself should do until harvest ?

You posted this pic 2 days ago.

The plant has a long way to go.
I am guessing you are basing harvest time on something you read about the harvest time when you bought the seeds.
Any estimate of flowering time is usually flowering only and doesn’t start till the plant actually flowers. 9 or 10 weeks of flowering is just an average. Some go longer.
All those nice white pistils (hairs) need to turn brown and curl up. Then you watch the resin glands, trichomes, and when they are milky in color you can harvest. I am guessing you may have a month left. I would go ahead and feed again. Flushing has been shown to have no effect.
Very nice looking plant btw. Dont want you to mess up by harvesting early.
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Perhaps a second opinion… @Myfriendis410


I agree that you have a lot of bulking up to do. 3 to 4 weeks seems reasonable.

I feed up until harvest.


They’re budding pretty fast

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First off, those are some serious gorgeous buds. You’ve done a fine job.

I agree with :point_up: them guys. You got a while to go. Your pistols for the majority are all white still. They need to turn dark and curl back into the bud. This takes some time. When it’s all said and done and they’ve ripen up you’re going to have some serious beauties


Day 65