Flushing advice needed!

5th week of flower in 10 gal fiber pots ph out is anywhere from 6,2 to 6,6 out tds is from 2140 to 2430. My plan is to use 2 gal of sledgehammer per pot and then flush again with 3 gal of ph’ed tap water. Plant’s seem to have stalled out, lots of yellow leaves, i’m pretty sure i have lock out. Does this sound like a good plan? When should i give nutes after flush? @MeEasy @Newt @Covertgrower @Borderryan22 @Budz @merlin44 @beardless @beachglass

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Being in the 5th week of flowering I would expect quite a bit of yellowing as they finish up. Have any pictures?


Pictures would be helpful. The Sledgehammer flush is designed to remove the salts buildup from using FF nutrients. If you do a Sledgehammer flush, here is how FF says to use it:

Thank you for contacting FoxFarm, I’m happy to help!

To perform a flush with the Sledgehammer product, you will want to prepare the mixture at a rate of 2 tsp per gallon of water. You will use the Sledgehammer standalone. Pour the solution over the soil and use about twice as much solution to flush as you would if you were normally watering or feeding. For example, if on a normal watering you use a half gallon, for a flush you would use a whole gallon. Once this is done, let the soil dry completely. After that you can pick up with the next feeding as scheduled.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


@Newt got you with the Sledgehammer flush. It’s more of preventative measures through the growth cycle. And then @Covertgrower got it with the expected yellowing. Your PPM’s aren’t too high. And pH is good. I’ve noticed in later flower they stall, then give a last good push and fatten up.