Flushing 2 days in a row?

Hey @BDS Your numbers look good , Stick around throws up a picture of the whole plant And keep us posted There is some excellent organic cannabis growers follow along here @HippieRunner1

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okay peoples, i’m now starting to lean towards nute burn like some of you said.
i was being stubborn because i used 1/3 recommended dosage of gaia green dry amendments and trusted the advice i had before.
it just dawned on me that this started about 1 week after feeding so nute burn makes sense now.
water PH was still out of whack going in but i’ll adjust it from now on, even though in soil it’s not really an issue. i have the stuff to deal with PH so why not use it.
sorry that i had tunnel vision and didn’t listen at the start.

funny part is that 1 out of 5 is looking good but has magnesium deficiency


Sometimes the answer is right in front of us but it takes a few trial and errors to figure it out. The wonderful journey of growing :upside_down_face:

Another way to think of the nutrients in organic soils can be looked at as a basic base line. Don’t over feed the soil! Once the soil reaches a healthy level it’s truly only about how much the plants needs and when it needs those nutrients. You might feed on schedule for one week but if the plant doesn’t use the nutrients as fast at the appropriate rate on the box then you will land yourself on some trouble.

Be one with the plant and observe everything…

Let’s say your soil can contain 100 nutrient particles to be perfectly healthy. (I’m making this up) No nute burn to the plant and no sign of it lacking anything. That’s cause the plant ‘has the option’ to take up its max nutrients ‘if’ it needs it. It’s not forced! Also leaving excess nutrients behind in the soil if it’s not needed. The amount of nutrients in the soil is not being forced into the roots. Only the correct amount is being taken by the plant at the time it’s needed.

Now let’s say you slam that soil with extra nutrients. Now pushing 200 particles into the soil. That is twice the amount that is it should have. Now your plant is forced to take up the nutrients it truly doesn’t need do to the roots being completely saturated. This is where a lot of problems arise.

(Being saturated with nutrient filled water is different than just plain water. Way different results) <— both can be very bad if not addressed properly.

I hope this helped alittle bit. Have a great week and happy farming… :evergreen_tree: :man_farmer: :owl: :upside_down_face: :sun_with_face: