Flowers not growing

I have a question for you and hopefully you have the answer.
My flowers are on their 43rd day of flowering and the points look like theyre formed and in good shape from far but when I touch them theyre really small, it looks like if theyre all hair but with no meat, like if the nugs arent growing. Theyre suppose to be White Russians but by the looks of it i dont think thats what it is, I also have another strain called LSD and theyre doing perfect.
the plants are healthy, no signs of any plague, the only thing ive seen are white springtails but what ive heard from them is that they eat bacteria and fungus. so its not that bad i guess.
my humidity runs between the 60’s and temperature 77.

Please get back to me when you can

Thank you !

Most plants putting on they swelling of budding in the last 3-4 weeks to finish , it might be a stubborn sativa that will be a Johnny come late plant , I’m no expert , but no my opinion .