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Continuing the discussion from Hogmaster super skunk from i♥️GM 4th week on flower:

Nice looking buck of plants you showed. I’m a newbie, REALLY NEW! Just germinated 3 only 1s growing showing willingness to ( go towards the light!) The other 2 I’ve just about given up on & starting 2 dif seeds sense the other w have sprouted and they can see the light. I’m doing hyrophonecs starting untill spring is here so im stuck in a no room / cold as hell envurioment, I’m disabled , live with my folks but I can’t get it through their thick brains of an n door setup, my old man’s thr worst because every thing I do ( his buddy with the MNC don’t do that!) Yeah I guarantee he’s not using the MMJ BIBLE.
anyway I’m impressed with your growth an 3 week?? Almost ready to flower&& what strain? It’s low height which I need please

The shorter plants are dark angel. They are a 50 50 sativa and indica blend. Said to give a whole body stone. So pretty excited to get em goin but gonna wait just a bit more to kick em over to flowering. The nutes that are being used are on point. Very easy to measure what you need and very easy to monitor. Sorry to hear you are stuck man. You gotta try getting a clean warm environment for the plants. At least i di when i started i also put them under a low watt uv bulb until they were about 4 inches tall then moved em over into the hydro system. Very impressed with this setup and the turnout. Thanks.

Thank you for responding, yeah it’s the beginning of winter here, have them in aquagrow thing, like on timer, I’m disabled and hnfortunAly live with my folks who don’t keep it above 68 deg during the day and like 62 at night. one of the 3 looks tough and actua k y grew 2× overnight I put it from the front of the going light to middle the other 2 I may have had 2 deep. they have the tails up but just don’t want to go beyond that stage even though I moved em so they can se the light. not sure of day /night Temps but have them near the winDow ( back of course and near a coffee pot 4 warmth and registrr. maybe it’s a heat issue and I’m screwed I do have the domes on them so any heat is kept in the wydrophonics thing I have that supposedly warms the water, at least 1st growing though the other 2 aren’t going past the sprout stage. I may try germinating 2 new seeds ( my 1st time growing ) 12" max height on light so I’m stuck right n I w with the lie growers til I can start seedlings in the spring. my dr wants to give me a MMJ card which would laaevI ate all headaches untill I can finally get something growing but untill then I’m a damage of growing my own ( not a quitte) after what I’ve been through I don’t give up and being physicaly disabled in chronic pain, ptsd, insomnia I want to grown my own but even picking one strain IDK WTF 2 start growing I started on WW and hope it helps I need to be alert and pain free during the day but sleep at night and no nightmsres. the pill I’m on suck and I’m wanting to switch over but have no GD clue even my PCP has no idea and the VA is just starting to meddle in Medical MJ & I hope Obama re labels, MJ is a diff schedule drug. federal legalization will eventualy come once 3/4 of the state’s finally legalize medical / recreational use

I hope you have a decent light setup. If you do you can build a small grow room with minimal cost. Buy a few 2 x 4 and small slabs of wood or even that fale wooden paneling put it together to your dimensions and paint the inside with a bright white.use a paint thats safe to use indoors and let it air out for a while (few days) and its a make shift that should work with a plant or two. Im sorry to hear about your misfortunes picking this up as a hobby and staying positive watching something grow. Be creative but stick to the basics of what a plant doesnt gurt to start with bad ass seeds too. Tak a loo around and see what ya dig up

Lets not forget i am new at this as well lol.

LOLU seem to be doing better than me. think I killed the only hearty one out of the 3 that geruminate I tried gently to put it a lititle furt her into the grow medium because it was curling around pig corkscrew style pulling the bottom where the seed was up n out. my GD unfortunate luck because I had to cut on the side to get the preplated, seeds out to put mine in and use paper towel around the top hoping it would hold them 2 of 3 fell down got them so the sprouts see the light. hoping the 1 that broke the end off stI’ll grows but germinating 2 more incase they don’t grow, ( been over a week and no further growth on 2 like the Fking broken sprout!

What kind of light are you using

I’m using one of those aqyaphonics growing machines , all the peat moss was sold out at local walmart so this was only thing left. I think it’s to cold because I know I’m freezing but can’t tell old ppl itscold. gonna end up buying a small space heater, h Ave the grower next to coffee pot 4 heat. figure alum Foil will reflect light and heat.started 2 more seeds if they don’t grow I’ll have to unfortunatly wait for spring because of winter

You dont want to use alum foil it can focus light unevenly and burn spots
of your plabts use a white wall or a tent or lots of light. The setup i
have runs around 1200 thats nutes seds everything (obviously look around on
amazon for better deal got lucky and fou d my 1500 watt light for 160)

Kk got ya, I was just try I ng to initialy radiate heat to get them to germinate ( more so than just peeking thru the seed 1 started growing ( looked like a wick) but end git broke off not sure if it’s dead so left it, other 2 peeked through but haven’t budged. I’ll have to up the lighting I read it said 2" away this is more like 4 away. my son has better luck than me. he’s set up better. more heat more room, here sucks it’s cold, and when the snow hits and it gets freezing in there need 2 build a heat box and look those lights up you mentioned or the snail style I’m just starting out n damned if I’ll let this beat me. eventualy I’ll get hit I’m hitting home Depot up next time I’m able to get into town and trying potting soil with a drop light as well. makes,me jelous swing all tho see guys posting pics on plants they grew

Just wanted to chime in real fast if you can’t use paint,I bought those cheap space blankets from Walmart like 2 bucks each and lined a space I made and that it helps keep the temperature a little warmer and it is working great on reflecting light. Just thought that might be a quick fix until you can get a set up going. Good luck like

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Yeah got the hear all set up, doing the same 8-10 hrs of darkness with a space heater and a work/ droplight during the day which is like 250 watt and gives good heat. got one growing now. other 5 seeds even failed to germinate even using the bible method. was told basicly I gotta eat the cost, also I’m missing my 2nd order even though it was charged the same day as my 1st ordet. I got the 1st order in about 2 weeks then I got the 5+5 special was charged same day as 1st order was told the package would be here Dec 2nd and NOTHING AND I’M BEING IGNORED BY THE ILGM PPL

No not ignoring you they will make it right ilgm has the best customer service of any seed supplier in the wold just hold tight they will straighten you out.

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