Flowering stage leaves turning super yellow

Whenever I made the transition to flowering most of the leaves on my cannabis plant turned yellow. I wasn’t really worried about it at first as I heard this happens a lot but it’s almost like everything but the flowers is turning yellow. Should I let it happen or feed them instead of flushing as I’m assuming it may be a nitrogen deficiency.

I would feed nitrogen. It does sound like you’re correct.

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Sorry I thought I had sent the picture in my original post do you by chance know when I should harvest them judging by how they look? I wanna say their week 5 flowering but the buds look super frost.

Looking pretty!

It appears that our girls are in the same situation. Mine’s outdoors while yours appears to be inside. I definitely transitioned to Bloom Boosters to early.
Last week I did give her a half dose of nitrogen to no effect at this point. Perhaps a full dose next time around. I’ve investigated epsom salts and peroxide for similar conditions. Seems they might help for different reasons with similar symptoms. Read up on them.
Nobody has said how this condition might might be detrimental to the harvest. Is it a concern because she probably has a few weeks to go according to her tricomes. Hopefully your issue can be resolved and some would chime in regarding the harvest.
Best of luck…elliot

Photo on 9-10-20 at 3.58 PM Photo on 9-15-20 at 5.38 PM


In the end I decided to feed them a quarter dose of bloom nutrients haha I figured they’d have at least three weeks till harvest so I would start flushing in a week, hopefully that helps them. Btw that look like some dope good stuff man, thanks for all the advice!

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I’m on my 1st grow and my girls have the yellowing on the large fan leaves. The leaves around the buds are very green and healthy. I’ll post a i,age tomorrow

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I’m have a similar issue … I’m 4 weeks 3 days into flower and the middle of my plants are turning yellow and droopy . Top and bottom leaves are fine and look healthy and buds are super frosty . At first I thought maybe I over watered but I have yet to over water . What do you guys think ?

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