Flowering for Chocolope

Hi all,
I have a question concerning flowering time for Chocolope. I have read anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks to 12 to 14 weeks. I know there are a lot of savvy growers here, so I hope someone can clarify this for me. Thank you very much.
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Gotta watch them trichomes. Thats the best advice i can give. All plants have weird genetics from my limited experience and you just gotta look at the fancy parts to figure out if they’re “ready”!

And welcome back btw! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you. Appreciate the welcom. I will be watching the trichomes. I was just trying to get an idea of what i’m looking at time wise.

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Well, it depends on the high you want!

Id say 8 is on the low end to start looking deep

I’d have too agree with that. I’m kinda thinking 10 to 12 weeks. I don’t like my trich’s to turn to amber. Being a Sativa, I want an uplifting high.

By the way, I like the spyglass lady. Is that you? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I grew it last year @eastcoastbud. Was one of the very last to finish. I didn’t keep good records last year so couldn’t say for sure but I’d guess 12-14 weeks. I have a monster Chocolope this year. She’s not even starting to flower and its almost August. I’m only worried because she is starting to attract attention 8+ feet tall now


So, it all depends on how its worded. If it says flowering time 8-10 weeks. That means that it will take 8-10 weeks after the flowering stage has begun, regardless of how long it was vegging.

If it reads 8-10 weeks from seed. Or 8-10 weeks seed to harvest. That means 8-10 weeks after sprouting.
Below is a chart that helps me choose when to harvest.

Welcome back to the community, and good luck on your grow!

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Hey @Docnraq I just realized Chocolope might be the perfect strain for the Valley of the Sun. 90% Sativa genetics Long photo period, loves the heat and sun, long flower. Even in Nov down there its warm and mostly dry.

I still have some family down there, If I ever end up living there again Choco will be the star of my garden.


Im looking forward to outdoor grows here in AZ. Everybodys outdoor plants always look amazing!


Haha no. Last time i checked im not Latoya Jackson :laughing:

I don’t envy you living in the valley except for the fact you can grow almost year round. an attached to your house green house with southern exposure and a little extra lighting would make for some sweet grows

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Yeah it can be pretty unforgiving here. I have lived here 3 times. I get here, my life falls apart then I have to move. Not this time though, been here almost 10 years now. I wasnt interested in owning a house until they legalized cannabis. Now I need a house and a yard!



I have two Chocs growing outdoors now. Hubs loves Sativas. I gave away another to a friend.

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Thank you all for the awesome welcome back. I forgot to mention my girl is an indoor grow. It appears many of you grow outside. I envy you. I’m from a non-weed friendly state.

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Wow VF thats awesome. How big Around is she? Thanks for the input. If your girl finished late, i’m figuring around the 12 week mark as a rough estimate. It’ll help with feeding schedules and flush.

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She’s a beast, I’ll try to post a pic after her haircut today.

Here she is @eastcoastbud

After her trim