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I am new to growing cannabis. Now on second grow after pretty darn good first attempt! First grow was in a small grow tent that I manually switched to 12/12 light. Back in May I started a California Dream from fem seed that I kept outside in a three gallon pot and gifted to my brother for his birthday once the plant was well established. He has been doing a stellar job keeping her going, following my suggestions I’ve learned from you more experienced growers. Thank you.

According to “The Calendar,” the switch to 12/12 for our area in Virginia is September 25. I have been questioning this because two of my outdoor Acapulco Gold plants grown from seed started 6-2-21 appear to have switched and today my brother sent pics of his girl that is clearly flowering! It is only August 14!

He is located in central Virginia (Albemarle County/Charlottesville) and I am in southern Shenandoah Valley along the base of Blue Ridge Mountains.

It would seem either the calendar needs to be modified to narrow the ranges/redefine the 12/12 timing or the sun has shifted orbit. We are talking about two different strains grown about 30 miles apart with the Blue Ridge Mountains inbetween. The attached images of his California Dream, now 48” and full of flowers.

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I think that looks about right this time of year. I’m in Missouri, and my buddy has a GDP outdoors that is just barely showing preflowers. I have another friend I talk to in MA whose plants are in full flower, and have been for a couple weeks.

Thanks. I wonder if the gifted plant is flowering because of when it was started from seed back in early May?

On June 15 the plant was 6 weeks old when I transplanted into 3-gal pot with Fox Farm and few extra nutrients. Daylight hours for that day was 14 hrs 48 min.

Subsequent daylight hours for our location:

July 3: 14 hrs 43 min

July 27: 14 hrs 14 min

August 1: 14 hrs 05 min

August 13: 13 hrs 41

I pulled a series of pics my brother sent to me and sometime after July 27 and before August 5 his plant switched to Flowering. The August 5 images show first signs of small buds when I zoomed in.

Could 40 minutes of less daylight hours trigger flowering?

Again, plant was grown from ILGM fem seed and not an auto.

Does his get a lot of shade early in the day or late in the evening?

That’s what I was thinking to, and plants are just like people. No two ar alone.

What’s hap neighbor? I’m just across the river (James) from your southwestern tip at Howardsville. My outside girls I noticed this morning, were showing pretty heavy signs of changing to preflower seemingly “overnight” (more like literally, not seemingly lol). You know we get warm again well into Nov usually so they should have a good long flowering stretch and/or go into a “re-veg” when it does warm again and i hope and not TOO wet (say NO to bud rot and mold!!! :wink: ). once that Sun drops it’s position though…the clock is ticking for sure :wink: happy growing, they look awesome

Lots of things can vary it. A difference between two seeds is nothing unusu


Hi there. I know the Howardsville area well. I have family who live nearby, not far from the ferry!

I rechecked my girls and they are not showing signs of flowering. Mine get a lot of direct early morning and afternoon sun but shaded from around 4ish. They have been growing at least an inch a day!

I have sent inquiry to brother to see if his girl gets shade and if so, what and how long.

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Fellow Virginian here (lynbrg area)
My plants were started first week of June. I went on vacation this past week and came home to this! Before leaving they were just starting to show signs

Things are moving along now I suppose (first time grower) second 2 pics are from last week I think, first 2 were yesterday

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12/12 is a general recommendation for ensuring flowering takes place, but it is still possible for plants to flower with as much as 14 hours of light a day. The 12 hour rule is not a precise one.


Lynchburg is just a couple of stone tosses away from us. We enjoy an occasional trip down to Madison Heights area for a nice lunch at one of the nearby lakes. It seems the 12/12 is not required for plants to transition into flowering stage. Now that our area is just under 14 hours of daylight we can assume our plants can switch over any day around this time frame and not later into September. This makes it all the better for lessening the chance of grow season extending further into October when there is the chance of cold frosty nights. Central Virginia along the Blue Ridge has been home to fruit orchards for generations from berries to apples, to peaches and grape vineyards. We can now add cannabis.

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(towards the both of you) I work, out of the l’burg and MadHgts “big blue home improvement stores” doing doors as an independent contractor. Was just up there thurs, lol. I WAS working out of 8 stores but the guy i do that with has dropped 4 stores… They were equidistant from me as the 4 remaining so i may just pick them up again on my own :wink:

@BlueMtns that’s right! (orchards). They know how to get the most out of our seasons in central VA. Probably a wealth of knowledge of preparedness and methods for getting the most out of front end and tail end of season too.

Plants growing outdoors can and usually do start flowering before 12/12 light/dark if they are mature enough.