Flowering and a male plant!

Hi everyone, just a quick question about my current indoor growing. My main plant is on week 8 of flowering, last week I put an extra 2 plants in the tent to get a head start on their flowering stage (they had veged under some basic lights in the bathroom).

One of these plants has turned out to be a male! As soon as I noticed, I removed him from the tent. He was in there for 8 days, but I only noticed it was male today…

Will this effect my main plant that is so close to being ready? They were in close contact for those 8 days.

Thank you!

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@CatPolice. If the pollen sacks on the male didn’t open in that time then there should be no worries.
Did the flowers open ? And drop pollen ?

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No, they didn’t open or drop pollen. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.