Flowering all my mothers

I have decided to put all of my mothers into flower. I had planned to keep them small, but with work and other stuff going on, they were neglected somewhat, and got a little bigger than planned
There is a mother of Berries, and a Freddie’s Fuego which are about a year old. And A northern lights, A DTC 99, and a granddaddy Purple, all of which are about 9 months old
They had all been in 2 gallon fabric pots, in ProMix HP. They have been fed solely Jacks 321. I transplanted all into 5 gallon fabric pots, again with ProMix HP. Again, feeding will be Jacks 321.
I then cleaned up all lower growth, and supecropped pretty heavily ( seen in pictures) the canopy is pretty even, now, and I will make adjustments as needed.
They are in a 4x4 with two 250 watt Budget LED series 3 lights. I know it’s gonna get a bit more crowded than I would like, but my other flower tent is 4 weeks in, and full to the brim. With this one, I am really going to stay on top of the training.
I dimmed the lights down to around 60%, and set the timers for 18 hours. I want the girls to settle in and recover from the beating I gave them today. They will go to 12 12 in a week.
I took clones from all of these girls, and they are now in my veg tent. These will be my new Moms. Hopefully I can keep them a bit smaller. A shoutout to @hellraiser for his advice on small mothers.
I also popped 3 Pineapple XXX seeds from Brothers Grimm seeds. One will be a mother, and 2 will go into flower.
If you took the time to read this length post, then thank you. I will try to keep it updated


Have you had them for long? How do you like them? I am considering one

@beardless I love them. I now own 5 of them. I ordered 2 more for my 2nd flower tent, and a 250 watt veg for my mother/veg/ clone tent. They have a new line out. Elevated Lighting. I’ve been checking out their Demon Boards. The specs on look phenomenal. So yeah, I guess u could say it m happy with them. Beautiful, dense buds, and super yields.

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Thanks Appreciate the info. The Elevated Demons have also caught my eye.


@Otis I love the supercrop, those are going to be some big colas :deciduous_tree::sunglasses:

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