Flipping this week Should I defoliate

Hey guys, flipping these girls in the next few days, just wondering how or whether I should defoliate ? They’re quite bushy , or will the stretch open them up enough for now


You can… get rid of the leaves covering potential budsites. U can do some now then 2 weeks after u switch cut off a few more covering potential bud sites

This depends on the strain. Sativa dominant strains stretch more than indica usually.
I would recommend removing some fan leaves, but that’s a personal preference. I tuck everything under a bud site until after flowering transition is complete. It’s easier to see the differences.

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I am not going to try to answer that, it just makes me chuckle…I suspect that “defoliation” is the most hotly debated topic in cannabis cultivation. I would guess that we would have trouble even getting agreement as to what is and is not defoliation. LOL

Personally, I use a minimalist approach to everything in my grows except light levels. I blast the crap out my plants with light and train them to a SCROG.


Depends on your growing style its always good to clean up whsts not getting light as a rule of thumb … Groeing below the canopy will result in airy " larf" popcorn buds thats dry up to nothing but trim … Thsts all potential energy to the top light reciving buds thats usually what i do its called lollipoping