Flipping her to flower-how high should my light be?

Hey y’all! New grower here! I’m on my first successful grow and am flipping my blueberry muffin to flower this week. I have a hlg 600 rspec and is hung about 27 inches from plant at 70 % intensity. I had it at 24 inches, but seemed a bit close as she was growing. What is a good height for flower w/ this light? A friend who has the same light says keep it 20 inches from canopy throughout flower at 100%, but he’s soil and I’m hydro. Not sure yet if that matters since I’m still learning. Any thoughts!? Thanks! :v:

45-60 dli for optimal intake

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I’m not real familiar with hlg but my bigger lights seem to be best around 20-25 inches from the canopy at 100%… I believe @CooterJuice @Storm both run big hlg lights or they might know who does


I am running 550r. About 24 or so unless cant. Then just dim a bit. I never follow charts. They happy i leave them…sad i change till happy. I know I am a lazy sucker but hey…i smoke pot. Btw…great starting forever light. Stupid things grow bud.


Rspecs I’d try to stay 20+" or so… Diablo boards closer to 15". But as always… Watch your girls


Bubba Kush, tallest kola in the grow. Lights are dual 260 Rspec, so a roll your own 550R right now 20" above that bud at 900 ppfd in a 3x3 tent. Could get the chop in the morning. Just waiting on a few amber trikes.