Fish in soil

We bought some fish from the market ground them up in a blender mixed fish with water put the mix in jars and let them sit for 3 days.How much should I add to soil before planting in 10 gal pots?

I think you have to place this query in the “This is an experiment”; And, You will have to tell us. I would say measure the PH of any solution you might make. You want a PH that will not cause other issues in your gorw.

So; Please submit the following data:

  1. What is PH of solution?

  2. What is EC.PPM of solution?

I look forward to helping you figure this out. Peace.lw

Latewood- Excuse my ignorance but what is EC.PPM. Lisa :-?

Electrical conductivity and parts per million. They are kinda names for the same thing. Basically measuring the strength or concentration of minerals and or nutrients in your water. The number readout will be different depending upon if it the meter is showing the electrical resistance value/electrical conductivity, the more salts/nutrients/minerals in the water the easier the electricity can pass through it, a parts per million meter usually is still taking it’s measurement by rating the electrical resistance value but the read out converts the calculation to only show the parts per million of particles or nutrients in the water that the electrical conductivity represents.

Latewood- Hello The PH of my fish solution is 7. As for the EC.PPM I have no clue on how to do that. This my 2nd year I’m still A newbie at this.However my soil has A low PH around 5. I haven’t transplanted them to outside yet as the winds here are blowing strong.I have added my fish to my soil and will check the PH again. This was my Alien plant from last year.

You said you gad a PH of 5.x in your soil grow. that is way low. You want to get to at lleast 6.5-7.0 PH You can add Dolomitic lime to your soil to balance the PH

You can buy a Milwaukee Ec/ PPM meter on ebay.
This is what I use
It test PH, EC, and PPM
This would work just fine.
Hope this helps.
p.s. I am jealous You get to grow outside. Nice plant. Peace

EC and PPM is much more important when using pure liquid fertilizers, usually highly refined and not necessarily “organic”, but there are very pure “clear” looking “organic” liquid concentrates, these could possibly burn your plants if mixed too strong, or in hydroponics in the hydro’s solution’s concentration. With a fish emulsion like yours, the main thing you might have to worry about is too much nitrogen. You can get soil testers that will give you a ball park idea of the PH and the concentration/EC/PPM of your soil’s nutrients at your local garden store. There are reusable metal rod types that are very inexpensive and usually do a good enough job for soil applications, even though they are not as accurate as a digital type like lakewood mentioned. EC, and PPM are usually much more important to keep fine tuned in hydroponics than growing organically in soil. Even PH is less likely to change significantly in soil but is a little more of concern. There are also testers similar to a swimming pool chlorine and PH tester at garden/hardware stores, and they have directions similar to how you would use a digital meter, where you take a small amount of soil and mix it with a small amount of water, then you mix a capsule, powder or a few drops of a liquid to change the color, similar to the pool tester, and the degree of color change represents PH or concentration of a specific nutrient. With a digital meter the amount of water and soil should be in the meter’s directions, then after mixing you’d dip the meter in the liquid, not unlike the way you dip it in the liquid mixture of commercial nutrients diluted with water before you pour it onto your soil.

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Thank-You both for taking the time to explain.I got a lot from it even took notes lol. Knowledge is the key…

No worries. Thanks for the Kudos. :smiley: Feel free to seek support anytime. Peace.lw

Just A follow up on the fish.After grinding fish I took a gal of H2O and mixed real good than strained it and to the liquid fish I took approx. 1 tsp and added it to a gal of H2o than fed to 2 plants the girls seemed to love it no problems so far but a difference in growth.Much more of it. (growth)

Glad to hear htat this worked for you. Old School Organic. Peace