Fish, blood and bonemeal

Total noob question.

I got a box of the above, but have no idea how to use it on mj grows.

Do you mix it into fresh soil? Sprinkle it on older soil, or dilute it in water?

The instructions in the box say a handful does a certain sq area, so I just sprinkled a 1/4 handful over a 3gallon pot and watered it in. That was over a week ago, since then it’s had two waters and one water/feed, and had no noticeable Ill effects.

The plant in question soul was about 4 weeks old, so it’s natural nutes would be all but spent.

Feedback required and as always appreciated

What brand are you using? :

@greenthumbfun pass I got it form B&Q (home depot of UK) without being home I really couldn’t tell you. It was the only one they had.

Having a quick look on amazon, it could be ‘Westland’, it looks familiar.

I’ll be home in about two hours, I’ll update then.

@greenthumbfun sorry so late getting back. The make is Westland .