First timer with lighting confusion

Growing ILGM’s WW Autoflower seed with high CBD and lowTHC. The whole LED lighting spectrum thing has me wondering.Using Vivosun’s VS4000 LED light in a 4’x2’x60” tent with just one plant and I think everything is going real good. Plant is 22 days old, 10” tall and very bushy. Light is variable and set at 60 % and 27” above plant. If I increase the light to 80% or 100% things start to really get hot. Owner’s manual says 12 to 18” above plant during flower… or lower power of lamp and put closer but than it won’t cover as large an area. I’m only growing one plant so that’s not a problem what I don’t know is if the light is set at 40% and 8” above plant will it be getting the same kind of light it needs to develope?

If you can get it as bright as you can with stable temperatures I would recommend that. What temperatures are you considering too high?

85° is as high as I would go.


Thanks Covertgrower, I with you 85 is a high as I want to go on temp. Light is high above canopy as I can get it at this time- 27”. If I lower the light and turn down the power do I get the same “spectrum”. I figure plant will be in flower in a week or so.

Intensity will be the only thing that changes from distance to canopy, and/or dimming the fixture.

Is the heat your speaking of coming from the leds or from the drivers and if so are they removable with long cords so you can move the drivers outside the tent.

LEDs, more than likely.

So Covertgrower if I turn the led light down to 40 % and lower it to 6” above plant it would still grow approximately the same as if it were say 30” above plant at 80%? This is just an example but I think you understand what I mean. Thanks for your input.

Thanks Allinherhead for your input. I thought the heat was coming from the driver but after reading what Covertgrower wrote I’m not so sure. I’m sure I could move the driver outside the tent however Vivosun advises any work on light be approved by them before you start otherwise warranty is void. Of course if you go to Amazon and look at this light it says it’s waterproof. Even shows a wave of water washing over it. Owners manual however reads that is not waterproof and not to get any spray on it and do not operate in a damp environment.Light came with 6bolts and 6 cap nuts that we’re supposed to be holding the leds and circuit board to the aluminum plate…they were just rolling around in the box… I reinstalled them. Chinese quality control needs a little work.

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Almost the same, depending on where the potentiometer is exactly. But you get the idea.