First timer! 5x5 tent grow

Hey was looking for some help looking to start a grow for good friend who is need… really was looking for items I may need to start

And if it’s not to much to ask anyone know a good smoke for spasms?


Indoor or outdoor?

Just a indoor grow already got a 5x5 tent

I’m pretty new myself. But I can lay out what I think you’ll need (depending on temperature and how many plants you are growing may dictate some changes)

Soil (I am using Fox Farm Ocean Forest- some prefer Fox Farms Happy Frog for starting seedlings)
6" inline fan with speed controller with carbon filter (if you are worried about smell) for exhaust
6" inline fan for intake
6" ducting with clamps
Lighting (LED’s, HPS, or CFL’s) depending on what you prefer- I am using LED’s
2 clip on fans (6")
One osciallating fan for inside
Hanging ratchet hooks for hanging lights
pH and TDS Tester
pH up and pH down
Eventually you’ll probably want some nutrients. Fox Farm Trio pack is a popular purchase


Any thing else I missed boys?

What are you thoughts about these leds? How many light do you think I would have to run?

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Got everything else you ordered thanks for your input man…Really was thinking I may not get a reply


In my opinion you would need 4 of them lights as a minimum for that size tent. Lights are the most expensive part of getting set up, and a fairly large tent like a 5x5 will not be cheap. That light you linked to is recommended for a 1 1/2’ x 1 1/2’ tent.

Here is a link to my Grow Journal. The very beginning is all the items I bought to set up a 3x3 tent along with prices.

I believe you want about 30-50 True Watts per square foot of tent space. Your tent space is 25 sq ft so you would need an approximate total of 750- 1250 true Watts to get the best coverage. That light is good but is pulling 200 true Watts. So you would need 4-6 of them for optimal coverage.

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Also @Crackindaflesh , welcome to ILGM!

Everyone here is extremely helpful and there is a ton of experience to go around. If you need help from anybody specifically just put the @ symbol and then their name and they will get a notification. I recommend reading up and some threads because there is tons of great information around that will help you in getting started.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

I’d say you did real well, brother! Nice job!

At some point a small bottle of 7.0 calibration fluid to keep the pH meter calibrated

Here are the LED lights I just bought. They are 400 Watt COB and also pull 200 watts from the outlet and only cost $100 each. I bought it after @Countryboyjvd1971 showed them to me.


Looks like the boy have you covered well
Your looking for 35-50 wats per square foot of actual watts as far as lights go 35 being min for led lights but still acceptable I try to get closer to the 50 watt my self

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OK so I decided to go with 4X4 tent after reading 900 threads lol. There’s a lot of other things I have in the cart also misc. things really is all… but with those light I was thinking one 800watt two 400w kinda angled on each side of the 800watt. The 6in silver fan so I go for a better one or with that do. Last thing I promise is the nutrients is that a OK brand or stick with the fox trio…Again thanks for the input fellas!! It’s much appreciated


Forget about the 800w cob and just get 2 more 400w. Much better coverage

That will be sufficient lighting, was think 3 4 plants

You guys should look into building cob fixtures instead of buying them. If you don’t mind searching a little for the parts, you can build vero 29 se for about $1/watt. These are solderless, and anyone that can put together a grow room can build them. Seriously the most difficult part is building a frame for them, and that’s more time consuming than difficult.

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Was doing research on that was thinking my next round I may try that… just trying to get this first one going ASAP for my buddy he is a quad and fluid is filling in his spine,so his spasm are killer. He smoked the other day for the first time, not one spasm for 5 to 6 hours so we trying to get it going asap…

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Can I get some input on the items to place this order. @Ray4x @Rugar89 @bob31

@Crackindaflesh looking like you got some great help welcome to ILGM