First time tent user question

I am using a tent for the first time, and have a gorilla glue auto almost 3 weeks into flower, and also a photo that I flipped to 12/12 yesterday. My question is, last night was the first time I zipped the tent up since I flipped to 12/12, and this morning the humidity was 93% when I opened it. What should I do about that?

Get yourself a exhaust fan it would help alot and maybe a dehumidifier


@Dexterado @Newb1 is spot on on both points!! Leave the tent open until one or the other arrives. That’s a lot of rh % in flower. Avoid mold-get down to 40-50%.


Plants create humidity (transpiration) as they do their thing. More airflow should solve the problem.


Is it necessary to zip up completely?
I run my lights out from 6pm to 6am and never zip up the tent ever.
Now my room has no windows facing out but has a 15 pane window door with a green curtain on it.
Just outside that door is a skylight. In 3 years I have never zipped up the tent but its dark enough for growing. If you have a window perhaps a blackout curtain. I guess if you need odor control later you will need the exhaust fan. I dont need to worry about that so we removed the fan.
Just my thoughts.


I guess I was under the assumption they need total darkness to flower at best.

Can’t presume to know your setup but I’ll share what works for me. I got some bud rot last year. I have a workshop with a 5x5’ spray “booth” with a humidifier + an industrial exhaust fan, that very Quickly exchanges the entire volume of air in that 16x24’ shop space in just minutes. In the well light, 5x5 spray booth is my 20x36” tent with 3 circulating fans + 1-4” Cloudline filtered exhaust. Plus an AC unit in the shop window keeping the shop cool when needed.
I keep the tent flap open all day with a 4th fan circulating air in the 5x5. But the flap needs to be closed at lights out (since 12/12 flip). I used bleach on all the walls and tent plus Captain Jacks in and around the tent.
This has worked well so far. With that much air moving, it dries out fast so I keep a little humidifier, in the booth prn.

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Need something like this

I know thats the advice that everyone states, but I found its just not true.
I know that there is an amount of light that will mess with the plants during darkness, but its not necessary to have “Total” darkness. I am not saying you can have open windows and light bulbs going, but if there is a bit of indirect light coming through it may be ok. Moonlight doesn’t mess with plants and its enough to see things. People blame light for hermies all the time, but I haven’t had any problems.


Ever been outside during a full moon? Not exactly dark.

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Before you purchase your fan make sure it has the capability to circulate the air in your tent.
Base CFM x Component factors) x (Grow light heat) = Required CFM
If you need a link to help you calculate, lmk. Happy growin!!