First time outdoor grower here

These two plants were plants back in May 27 and were bought about a foot tall, as seen in photo. They have began to bud I’m thinking, and have become super bushy. Is this bad? My friends plants are super tall and not bushy. They seem to be pretty healthy and doing well but I’m a beginner so really have no idea. What is your guys thought?


@Vtjumper; Welcome to the community. They are looking nice and healthy. Can i come and sit in those chairs and stare at them :heart_eyes: :+1: :+1:


I asked a question earlier but didn’t specify, sorry was talking about seeds. Soak or wet paper towel. Is it ok to just plant in rapid rooters since they are supposed to be ready to use or soak first. Nutrients or no?

Looking great! You might consider removing bottom/lower 10-20% of the branches as they won’t amount to much, are a pain to trim, and block some of the airflow.


@AAA is it okay to remove 20% of lower branches after it has started budding?