First time NFT help

Hey hoping to get a little help/advice with NFT. I currently have a few plants in soil and in NFT tubes (all outdoors) and every night all of my NFT plants droop like crazy, but all of my soil plants look fine! Is this the start of an upcoming problem?

I had a root rot problem early in the season but got it completely under control within a few days. The NFT plants generally look healthy and are in their second week of flower but the wilting worries me a bit.

If I could get some advice on what to keep an eye on or common problems NFT/hydroponics have would help a lot

Obviously not the person that can help since I do not know what NFT stands for

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Nutrient film technique. Usually the one where you see a tube with a slight angle that allows liquid to flow past the root zones to feed/water your plants.

It travels thru this area then to a return tank, which then repeats the cycle

Thanks - just curious. Foreign territory for a dirt guy

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