First time new grower

This is the first time growing and not sure what I’m doing and what’s happening with my seeds.
Ive got 4 seeds in a propagation tray, been in for 4 days. 1 is growing, 1 is looking very strange and nothing happening with other seeds.
Growing in rockwool that was soaked in ph 5.6 and nute solution 1.0 ec for 24 hrs prior to planting.
Any advise as to what’s happening, if other seeds will work, what’s happening to with the 2 growing and when to transplant.

Im new also (5 weeks into first grow) but the one looks like the shell hasn’t come off ur gonna have to carefully remove it…not sure why the other two are duds…happy growing and best of luck to you tho

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Yeah the top one is a helmet head… spray it with RO or distilled water. Take tweezers, hold the tweezers CLOSED and wedge it in the crack of the seed and slowly let the tweezers open. If it doesn’t move don’t force it… spray it again and try again.

The middle one looks fine

The bottom one almost looks like the taproot is showing… not sure it’s salvageable but you could very carefully remove it with tweezers and try to put it tap root down.

Good luck!