First time growing zzs

So I’m germinating some new seed I’ve placed them in water in a cup for 24 hours and done the paper towel for a day … when I plant them in soil would I turn the light on or keep it off ?

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Once planted give them light, i usually keep them on a window sill for a few days then into the tent, especially if they start stretching for light. Keep the soil warm (as close to 80 as you can) a heating mat off amazon works great and is around $30 with a thermostat. Use clear domes to keep the humidity up and don’t over water.

Warming the seeds while in a paper towel helps pop them quicker too. If your temps are low germination takes longer.

Thank you so much I have been doing that but I was getting seeds from seeds men and my germination rate was literally the shorts poped 20 beans and only got 2 to sprout out :smiling_face_with_tear: hope fully ILGM I have a better chance

Also where I’m at there’s currently barely any son should I just put them under the spider farmer grow light ?

I germinate in 100% darkness(or as close to as possible). I skip the water boarding, doesn’t seem like the best idea but i would follow whatever the bank tells to keep the garauntee. Im 3 for 3 with the paper towels, heat mat and darkness but maybe I’m lucky, these seeds are also a few years old a buddy gave them to me when he stopped growing.

Once the taproot is 1/4" to 1/2" I plant.

Are you planning on eventually putting the plants outside?

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So would you recommend total darknes ?

No I don’t I am planing on just keeping them in a grow tent where I can basically control the climate

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You’ll want to be cautious about how many seeds you drop at a time if growing indoors. You need about 200 watts of quality lighting to flower each individual plant. Forty watts of quality light (preferably Samsung LM301 series diodes) per square foot of canopy space. I would hate to see you try to light that many plants at a time and end up with spindly plants with loose buds. You’ll get far better yield and tight flowers with proper lighting.

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Just until they’re big enough to plant, once in soil then get some low light on them. That’s what works for me.

Usually when I do it indoors I run a spider farmer with about 4 plants in a 42 by 72 and thanks for the tip I really appreciate it

So after I do paper towel place them in a low light ? And wait for a the seed to sprout up ?

Yup, keep lighting low and light 24" or so away, you should be able to hold your hand at plant height and not feel hot. If she stretches (reaches toward the light) then slowly up the lighting but don’t go nuts.

Also, keep the clear dome on and keep them moist. 70%-80% RH @ 80°F

As @MidwestGuy mentioned what are you running fo lighting? He will know alot more on the topic than I will though.

I got a 100 watt spider farmer and I also got a like suns 1.000 wats

This is one thing I have been meaning to ask and the only reason I bring it up here is cause OP is running the same light., I’m running my SF1000 as well.

My DLI is 45 (I can go higher but don’t want to exceed that as it seems useless without CO2) but is a 200w at the same 45DLI better? Is it because of a larger coverage? I’m just curious as to what benefits more wattage has if the plant is already reaching it’s DLI?

I’m at the point where I’m debating on putting the 400w light over my GG4 but I’m trying to figure out the benefit. Honestly curious…

Good question. Wattage and PPFD are 2 different ways of looking at the same thing (keeping it oversimplified,) so it doesn’t make any sense to ask if 200 watts and 45 DLI are different. More wattage will always equal more PPFD.

A DLI of 45 isn’t all that insane without CO2. I don’t do the calculations to see my DLI. I focus on PPFD. I’m a light whore and run 320 watts above each plant for a PPFD of ~1000 without CO2. CO2 isn’t really required until you get to PPFD levels > 1,200. I’m not sure what that translates into from a DLI perspective. Maybe a DLI > 50?


I can check that tomorrow. My SF1000 maxes at 972PPFD @ 100% power according to the manufacturer (Photone app is calibrated to that). My light is 90%-95% on the adjustment knob. I’d have to look at my 400w light brand and see what they claim. It seems that maybe the upside to a high wattage light would be a larger spread of higher PPFD as the lights seem to have it higher at the center and fade towards the outside. Large light=higher PPFD coverage spread further it would seem.

ETA: 90%-95% power on my light would equal approx 875-923 the target for you approx 1200ppfd?