First time growing GSCE Auto

A question from a fellow grower:

"Hi this is my first time growing and I’m having trouble getting the seeds to sprout. I put the seeds in water until they grew a tail then planted them in soil but they never sprouted. I watered them 2 times a day with a mister but the soil got dry within 2 hours. I know it’s not the seeds it’s something I’m doing wrong. Maybe you can help me? Should I start growing tomatoes first to get used to growing?

The strain is gsc extreme autoflower, indoor 4x4 tent, fox farm ocean forest, 600 watt led, 5 gallon plastic pots. The lights were on 24hrs. That’s all I know sorry. I don’t have an ac or temperature gauge. I planted 6 more seeds just straight in the soil and watered them a shot glass of water after watching a YouTube easy grow video and they haven’t sprouted either."

A couple things you need to change here, first soak seeds for a bit but ideally before they show a tail plant them below a fluff of soil, not to deep just a bit.
Switch to cloth pots do not use plastic pots, 5-7 gallons.
Only fill the bottom 2/3 of your pot with fox farms ocean forest, it’s a very rich and “hot” soil not meant for seedlings out something lighter in the top 2/3 like happy frog.
Just put your seeds in your living room or something until they grow a first set of leafs, 24hr light on is to much when they grow up and are a week or two old you can switch to 20/4 maximum.
Soil should stay moist for the first couple days but not soaked, then start watering in a circle around the plants roots to make them stretch out to find water.

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