First time grower needing advice please help me out

This is my very first time attempting to grow and here are the details:

  1. They are 24 days old from sprout.

  2. Unknown strain(bag seed from some good bud)

  3. In 5 gallon buckets with 10 1/4” holes in bottom for drainage

  4. Soil used(which I’m sure is a major issue) miracle grow performance organic potting mix :man_facepalming:t2:

  5. The get about 8-9 hours of direct sunlight, the rest of daylight hours they are slightly shaded

  6. Located in southeast us and weather has been all over the place lately

  7. I germinated on napkin and planted directly in 5 gal buckets

  8. I water them once the top of soil feels dried out(every 3-4 days) with 2 gallons split between all six plants

  9. I have been testing ph and it is sitting between 6.5-7

I am looking for advice as what to do before it’s too late because from all the things I’ve seen these babies aren’t the healthiest. My plan is to repot them in roots organic 707 soil in the next few days. Any advice or suggestions is welcomed. Also I have subcool super soil “cooking” to use at 50/50 ratio with roots 707 on top. Also I plan to transplant the females into 25gal smart pots and discard the males once sex is determined

. This is my very first time attempting to grow, so I have plenty to learn. Thank you in advance.


You need better soil and nutrients

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Your loving them to death and overwatering…
Stop both of those…
Just monitore and make sure to water when needed ( 4 to 7 days ) and in about 4 to 9 weeks they might start to need nutrients…
Slow is fast in this hobby my friend… :+1::wink:


Welcome first of all to a brilliant forum. Very active here and the folks are knowledgeable and very helpful. I’m sure you will love it here. Getting them out of the Miracle gro is your first priority, they do look wet though but I take it you’ve just watered them. PH looks good as well. I would go for a smaller pot to start with then move them into their forever homes. I’m not an outdoor grower though so can’t help much more than that.


I don’t think the particular miracle grow you are using is bad. I know of several plants grown in that with no issue at all. It’s not like the typical MG everyone stays away from.

Let them dry out some


That’s the plan, thank you.

Gotcha I appreciate the response

Thank you I will definitely stop watering them so much

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Wait so miracle grow is bad? My seeds are in a glass of water right now. I was planning on putting them in biodegradable pots then transplant them into the ground at my property in the middle of no mans land in Ohio. I am very new and trying for the first time.