First time grower, long time lurker | IGLM GDP Autos

I’ve been lurking grow boards for decades, and finally am in the situation where I can legally start my long awaited hobby.

5 ILGM GDP Autos
3 distinct phenos (at least)
4X4 AC Infinity Tent
AC Infinity 4 inch exhaust/carbon filter
2X SF2000 QBs
Misc Fans

Canna-Coco + Gaia Green 4-4-4 / 2-8-4 + Worm Castings | 3rd feeding today/tomorrow
(Mr. Canucks Fan)


Wow. first time ladies! They look awesome.
You have green thumb. Happy Harvest.


Thanks! Waited so long to do this. The hardest part was waiting and hoping they would germ. Started them directly in the 3 gallon pots. Once they came up 4 out of 5 took off and went pretty fast.

The 5th one was a feel good story. It only threw one baby leaf (I forget what they’re called). Then only one fan leaf on the first node. The second node was sort of mutated. Then it topped itself, and then decided it was good enough, and gosh darned it people like it, and got itself together. Shes in the last picture :).


Looking great! You can probably do a little defoliation of some of that bottom growth. Get a little more light to the lower buds and a little more air flow. @oldmarine is a defol specialist.


I appreciate the tag. I tend to be more hands off this late if flower. That being said, she could probably stand with some defoliation and or tucking. I pick a mid sized leaf and remove every leaf that is bigger. Don’t remove any leaf attached to a bud site.

These are some really nice plants. Good growing for sure…


Thanks @Borderryan22 @oldmarine . I lightly did some LST and light defoliation throughout, but once I put up the net I kind of put some things out of easy reach. Next time I’m thinking of arranging the pots in a way that gives me better access to the lower veg so I can keep it under control.

My goal for this grow was really just to make it to harvest and yield something, then improve from there. I didn’t expect things to go as smoothly as they have.

More persistent LST and defoliation next run.


Couple days later, waiting patiently for these autos to finish. Looks like we’ve got a week or two or ten left.