First time grower hermie help

Hey guys. I’m a very new grower. First year. Still finishing my closet. Popped some seeds a while back. Bag seeds. Seems they are turning out to be all autoflower. As my others are further along, I’ve sexed four others and two were males. This particular one is female and starting her flower process this week… but I see this on one of the bud sites. It’s this a hermie? Sorry for the noobness.

Looks male. Sorry.


Yup its a male.


Thanks guys. Wanted some other eyes to affirm before I tossed it in the garbage. That sack was to good. I really had high hopes for that one. Thanks again guys.

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Just took these and I think 1 & 3 are males and 2 female. Correct me if I’m wrong. Was really hoping atleast two to be female :sob:

This post has already been answered. @dbrn32

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You are correct

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