First Time Grower - Any Help Will Be Appreciated

24-36" for veg, 12-18" in flower,
in veg just watch the plants, if they stretch lower the light, if the tops stress raise it.!


This thread has turned into my own grow journal of sorts. Plants are growing like crazy - here’s a pic from Sunday. As you can see a ton of growth in just a week under the QB - poor girls were starved for light. I installed an exhaust fan and filter as well - so no more smells. I noticed some yellow spotting on one of the plants. It’s the one that’s the most robust so I’m guessing it’s some sort of nutrient deficiency. I haven’t used any nutes yet because I know FFOF is pretty full of them. The water they’re getting is 6.7. I ran the runoff - it read 5.5 which I know is crazy, but I read a few places you can’t use strips to test runoff because the discoloration of the water changes it. Any ideas what I’m looking at?

Thank you all

Y1 Y2

possibly a Cal-Mag Def.???
kinda looks more environmental like powdery mildew, insect damage, or infection.

their tops r really yellow,
look for bugs, on the plant, in the room, and in the soil.!


I did look for bugs, I haven’t seen anything. It might be the photo that’s making them appear so yellow, but maybe not. I’ll do some more research.

One of the reasons I didn’t think bugs was the spots are only appearing on one plant. I’m out of town but will be back Friday, I’ll take more pics then.

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Under quantum boards, plants suck up more nutes because they’re loving the light. When I switched to cmh, I had a calmag deficiency

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@slowoldguy @HornHead

I was out of town for 4 days… my wife (who has no interest whatsoever in cannabis) was nice enough to check on, and water the ladies while I was away. I got back tonight right before lights out for 12 hours.

The plants are MUCH bigger than when I left, which is awesome, bud sites popping up all over the place. The exhaust fan is also working like a dream, no smell at all to speak of.

In bad news, the yellow spots are getting worse. I’m hoping it’s just a cal-mag problem - calmag and nutrients arrive tomorrow, so I will be feeding them with those at that time. It’s only fan leaves that seem to be bothered at the moment. I can confirm the tops of the plants aren’t yellow - they are rich green, it’s just the way the light plays in the tent.



Another update as I rumble and stumble through my first grow. Through cal-mag and some GH nutes, things are looking up. New growth is showing less spotting. I’m in a bit of a pickle now - the plants have outgrown the recommended flower footprint of my light and are threatening to outgrow the tent. (2x2 is recommended but you can get away with 2x3… the tent is 3/3). So even though it kills me, I’ve been considering culling one of the plants so the others have room to grow.

Tight quarters.

Plant one - ILGM WW fem. not looking great but moving along.

plant two - ilgm ak fem. probably the furthest along

plant three - ilgm bg fem. probably second best.

plant four - ilgm ak fem. the biggest plant, also the most behind in flowering and took the most damage when nutes were off. Some leaf droop due to pressing against tent and other plants. Some light stress due to being closer than others to source. Even though it’s the biggest, maybe my first choice if one has to go.

Thoughts always appreciated, thanks for reading.

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What about removing sone of the side branches/colas and keep them all? Then maybe supercrop to keep away from the light.

Variety is the spice of life!

Thanks for the note @AAA, I was worried the plants were too far into flower to prune, I don’t want to stress them too much. I haven’t done any trimming, but am not averse to the idea.

I don’t think removing a branch will cause one to herm, but maybe others can chime in.

I have accidentally broken of branches late in flower with no issues besides losing the branch.

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Hello everyone, new update.

Space finally caught up with me in the tent - no excuses, just bad planning. The biggest plant (which was also the furthest behind in terms of maturity has been banished to the great outdoors. She seems happy out there, and continues to grow. She’ll probably be a disaster because she’s had pistils forever and really wants to flower and is getting vegetative type light again. Sorry plant. If you produce one bowl of smokeable ganja I will consider you a success.

Next passenger on the struggle bus is my WW. She’s super furry with pistils but seems to be stuck in arrested development. She’s not growing any buds and is having a lot of leaf issues. I’ve pruned away the worst ones, which I know sets the plants back. My pH readings continue to be hot garbage due to using strips. I’m getting a pen for my next grow but I think I’m just going to go with the flow for the rest of this one. B2 B21

The other two plants (AK and BG) are packing on buds nicely, and are lovely and stinky. I’m not altogether sure how close they are to harvest, I will be ordering a jeweler’s loupe on Amazon forthwith. For the start they got in life (read up if inclined) I’m proud of how they’re looking.

B3 B32

This is probably my favorite one


Sorry for the poor photography. Thanks for reading!