First time grower. Any advice?

I’m a first time grower, just ordered my first batch of feminized seeds (Tangie, Blue Dream, and Grandady Purple).
I plan to germinate indoors in peat pellets, move to a small pot, then grow outside in grow bags once it’s warmer. I live in PEI Canada.

I have a couple questions.

  1. Should I use 5 Gallon or 7 Gallon grow bags?
  2. How many times should I repot/transplant?

Any other suggestions or tips greatly appreciated.

I’ve had pretty good luck with Pete pods. If you have the room for 7 gallon I’d go for that, it’ll only give you more room for the roots. I try to keep my transfers to 3. As far as germination goes, I like to use distilled water, soak them in a cup for 24 hrs, if they float you can give them a little tap to drop them down. They just need to pop a little, a lot of people like to let it get real long but there’s no need for that. Make sure the root is pointing down. Just give enough water for it to be moist. How much longer until you plan on taking them outside?

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Thank GG,

It’s still way too cold, probably won’t go outside until may. I’m still waiting on the seeds as I just ordered them. So looking at germinating end of this month.

GG, what size of pots do you use between the pellet and 7 gallon pot?

Welcome! I’ve gone from the rapid rooters to a small pot (or solo cup) right to 5 gallon smart pots. I went with 7 gal the last grow, transitioning from the small pot to 3 gallon, then 7gal. The less transplanting the better. Also, I used Mykos and Azos when transplanting and it seemed to work well in keeping plants from getting shocked, as well as helping them root quicker. How much it helped, I’m not sure but they did well none the less.


I typically use a container with the Pete pods, once they have popped out a bit I’ll place them in just a small pot. Red Solo cups do the job. I bury the stem almost all the way to the codyledons. Later I’ll transfer to a 3 gallon, then when it out grows that, I’ll transfer it to if final pot.

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Remember you will need a 2’x2’ space for each plant so don’t pop too many seeds.


Thank WA,

I only plan on germinating 6 seeds, 2 of each to end up with 3-4 total plants.

And what off all take? BTDT and now you have wasted the seeds.

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Haha every time I have plans on picking the healthiest plant and tossing the others I can never bring myself to do it. But if you do plan on tossing a couple, maybe use those to experiment on.