First time grow, did I miss anything?

First time grower, want to make sure I have everything I need!! So far what I have is a 5x5 tent, SF-4000 LED, 8in AC Infinity duct fan in the exhaust venting to a carbon filter. The things I’m receiving in the next couple of days are the following:

Another ac infinity 8in fan with temp/hum controller that both the exhaust and intake connect to
2 clip on fans
5gal grow bags
Fox farm ocean soil
Fox farm trio nutrient pack
Scrog net
Ph and TDS meters
Ph up and down
I currently only have 1 pineapple express autoflower someone gave me for my first trial run. Literally went behind the ears with autoflower and could use some advice on what nutrients to use and when. Any advice is appreciated!!!

Not a fan of Spider lighting but everything looks good.

@SKORPION May I ask why? I bought mine mainly on a friend’s recommendation when I was in the market for LEDs because his harvests are quite impressive. But I like to hear everyone’s opinions so I can hopefully have a little foresight

I just prefer the hlg line more. I have seen people use those just if you ask about lighting on here hlg will always be said. i upgraded lights many times so I just went with the current standard.

I have the same Spider Farmer 4000 light. Very pleased with it

Run those lights 18+ hrs/day all the way to get best results, adjust nutes per usual when she hits that height/age and starts showing off

Actually depends on the PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density): if you meet 1,000 µmol/j/m2 in your grow space before 18 hours then plant can’t take up more photons efficiently beyond that point. Any extra duration is wasted energy.

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Always learn something new here!

Thanks for the knowledge 410

How do you use it? Adjust the power to it? Light height?

it is a fine light. The HLG are the top end lights, but many others are right behind with the same name components and less money. The HLG you can buy ready to go, or build it yourself. Our Spider Farmer light is just as good as they are, and a little cheaper. I just use it 100%, have never adjusted it. I am no expert on this, so someone else may chime in on it. My girls love it as it is. Company says 24-30" for germination, 18-24" for veg, and 12-18" for flower. And here are adjustment instructions if interested. Also, you can go on You Tube and watch videos on how to do it.

Please refer to suggestion power range when you dim the lights.

SF2000 dimming display

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  • Ando on July 6, 2020