First time grow and unsure

ok to start things off the seeds came from multiple purchases and collected certain one through out time say 2 or 3 yrs (not from a seed store)
I got 3 out of 10 seeds to germ and this is week 2 on a 18/6 light schedule with just ph water
what are your thoughts


So far so good , don’t over water and no need to feed yet. Let em do there thing for awhile :slight_smile: Light must be decent they are not stretching badly…Thumbs up


the lights are 24 inches from plants
thank you

using clear plastic cups will allow best gauging of root progress.
pipe cleaners looped around the stem if they get too tall.

Happy Birthday!

Do you have some holes in bottom of those cups?

thank you and yes I put some on the bottom sides

Ok. Your medium looks a little wet, make sure you’re not overwatering. Like 25-50 ml is probably enough to last them a few days if not longer. Let them dry out a little before applying any more water.

ok that is from 2 days ago I got a little anxious the other day :roll_eyes:

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