First time clone transplant troubleshooting


I recently attempted to transplant two clones into Mother Earth coco + perlite each inside a separate 10g fabric pot.
I added Mykos Mycorrhizal and Azos beneficial bacteria to aid in root development.
I initially gave the clones SUPERthrive to reduce shock.
I used some deerpark water that was at 6.4ph to temporarily moisturize until I can purify/ph balance 10g of tap water.
Started noticing some slight leaf discoloration last night so I gave each a 3L distilled water mixture with 5ml of Cal-Mag.
Fast forward about 12 hours later and there is more discoloration.

The temp is around 72-74F(22.2-23.3C) and humidity is currently 72%.
I lowered the grow light to ~20in/50cm above the top of the plants.
I currently have them on 24 hour light cycle.

These are on day 4 of being in soil:

Any ideas on how to salvage these?

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I see 2 problems:

  1. Wrong pH for coco, coco likes 5.8

  2. You’re not giving any real nutes, clones are starting to starve. Coco has no nutes in it so need to start feeding right away, can’t live on superthrive and calmag.

Need to give them a feeding with a complete fertilizer/nutrient system with water/nutes at a pH of 5.8 (or at least close).


Thanks for the quick reply!

I added 2/3tsp of ILGM Growtime fertilizer to 1 gallon of distilled water and adjusted ph to 5.8.
I poured 1/4 gallon each around the clone stalks (~2-3in diameter) to increase exposure to the roots.
Waiting 1-2 hours to apply the rest of the gallon.


I’ll chime in and 2nd what hellraiser said. Also after transplanting a small root system plant into a much larger container id suggest watering a circle around the root mass and not at the stem. Still pour a little around the stem but put the majority around. Roots can sense moisture and will seek it out and expand faster and it also helps with overwatering.


The roots on these clones were excessively long (~20in).
For the first nutrient application I wanted to increase proximity to the root system to start improving the plant’s condition as quick as possible.
For the remainder of the gallon I will focus on the outer portion of the pots as you suggested.
At the moment I have the pots held up above two trays and now there is some water pooling from this recent feeding.


20" roots wow that pretty long. You forget about those lil girls lol

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You show no signs of a Cal-mag deficiency. They look like little rust spots when this happens. :+1::+1::+1:

You’re on the right path. Just remember your medium isn’t soil. It’s innert. Needs ph balanced feed everyday

Oh no I got these from a friend :).
I wanted to figure out the care required for the main plant growth and flowering before attempting my seeds.

How would I determine how much I should be watering these two daily?

Till run off.

Your medium is no different than a Hydroponic grow. Just like my coco grows. Except mine have no perlite. Which increases the need for watering.

Basically if I get lazy I can get away with no watering for a day probably. You cannot. The perlite in that coco means she needs daily treatment


Honestly seeds would have been the better route till you get experience with growing. I tried it in my early days and never attemtped again.

Read @Hellraiser Clone grows. You should learn a lot from him. I can’t remember who else does clones.

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I’m thinking since it took a few minutes before run off occurred this last feeding, should I start with maybe a cup of mix at a time until it starts pooling?
Or do you mean to keep applying liquid until run off occurs?

Always feed slow. As to not create channels through your medium. I use about 2.7l of feed per 3 gallons of coco. This is less than what most recommend/use though.

I am testing the latest version now, so far plants are looking good.

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Also if these are not autos I would recommend letting them sleep

Being that they are clones I would assume they are photos. I believe all living things can benefit from sleep eventually. 18/6 is a little easier on the girls. Good luck and happy growing!

I gave them a 10 hour nap.
It was interesting to see the RH% slowly spike and fall every hour after doing so.

Prior to the nap I gave each a 5gal flush of de-chlorinated tap water set to 5.8ph because the leaves had continued to dry up around the tips and some edges, my thinking at the time it could be too much nutrients.

The ILGM care manual shows an image of silicon deficiency that looks similar to where the dry spots are starting to appear.
I decided to add some silicon, calcium and mag to a gal of 5.8ph de-chlorinated tap with the 2/3 tsp of ILGM growtime fertilizer.
PPM is about 517-519 when completed.

Today after waking them up, I’ve given each plant 1 cup of that solution to start (placed where I know the roots are located) and each planter produced some run off as I was expecting.
Both plants are still perky, just some of the leaves that are not looking optimal.

I’ve had these two for 6 days-- they were initially healthy but very droopy and they perked up within 30min to an hour once planted and watered which surprised me at their response time versus some of my regular outdoor plants which can remain droopy for a full day after receiving their water before perking up again.

Once I can sort out these nutrient issues, how fast should I expect these to grow as an indicator they are thriving again? I keep watching the smaller sets of leaves for changes but they’re not growing noticeably fast.