First signs of pest discovered

Hey guys need some advice got home and did my daily check and came across two flies in the grow tent regular looking flies!?. I keep it clean and i never go in with clothes (not completely naked lol usually in my boxers) no shoes ever so wondering where they came from. Anyway i put sticky traps and fly traps all around and sprayed the soil with Rose RX three in one. Should i do anything else to nip this in the butt or is that enough. I will continue to monitor the situation just would like some advice can be damage my plans to do anything then my harm them in anyway? All advice welcome and thank you guys for any advice given

Catch one and take a picture.

You don’t need to strip down lol, but if you are worried a painters suit would be good ussualy it’s people’s shoes that bring in dirt and thus microbes.

Food grade DE can be put on the top layer of the soil but not sure if ide rush out and do that just yet.

Ya i read you end up picking alot of unwanted hitchhikers on clothing and shoes that way. And being a controlled environment i want as little exposure as was definitely a housefly due to the big body and red eyes. As far as a pic i see if i pull one of the internet was just concerned. Wasnt sure if they could harm my babies in any way i see if i find one .

The two i killed look like this .

Don’t see them causing any major issues but ide get rid of them if you can. Plant yellow stickys around if need be, great thing to have in your grow supplies.