First scrog grow gold leaf

Grow 1 scrog with all new setup.
Closet 80cm x 50cm x 180cm
Two led’s one 400w cob fitting one 1000w cheap fitting 3 x ten litre pots with water catchment underneath. coconut husk is my medium. It’s summer here 34deg c outside and 90% humidity. Not ideal for growing I have a dehumidifier to go into setup.

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First grow ordered gold leaf seeds on 2/1/17 Received them on 18/1/17 put 3 of them in a jar of water for 24 hour pulled them out and all 3 had started to shoot. Put them into peat pots on the 19/1/17. Put peat pots in grow room 21/1/17 as all three ladies have shown there first pair of leaves, starting to get excited about the grow.


Well good luck @Richo with your grow, and welcome to Ilgm the best cannabis forum in the world

Welcome @Richo sounds like you’re off and running. How about some baby pics?

Sounds like you got a good start
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Pics would be good :blush: show us your set up :+1::v::sunglasses:
Happy growing


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@Richo when uploading a pic, it takes 10-30 seconds. If you watch the window it will give you percentages and then uploaded/ saved wait another 5 seconds and your picture should be uploaded. Happens to the best of us.


This is my grow room and the girls under the light


Started 1/2 strength grow chemicals today the 23/1/17 girls starting slowly the light is 40cm above the plants.24/1/17 First sign of roots coming out of the peat pots, second set of leaves starting to show. I have moved the light down to 190mm and 500 average par at the top of the plant. 28/01/17 the girls starting to get a move on have started full strength nutrients today . Checked ph 6.1 after nutrients were added. Now up to date. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

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Looking good :blush:
Keep up the good work

01/02/17 pinched out the tips on the girls today. Temps here are so wrong for growing under lights,34deg c in the shade. Have moved lights further away as I have a little leaf burn on the girls but Still growing fast. 02/02/17 up sized pots today.


14 days old today one of the girls is going mad the other two going but not quite as good but overall very happy.


05/02/17 put second light on today move the girls into there final grow positions. Took par readings under the cob 600w light 400 par @ 30 cm and the 1000w light is around 350 par @ 30 cm the light on the right is the 1000w I got it from eBay the page gave these unbelievable par readings and the old saying if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.


Day 22 the girls really starting to get a move on now. I have moved them to there final position and pots so now I have to just site back and watch them grow.


14/02/17 did second tipping today as the girls starting to reach the scrog screen. took off some of the sun leaves to allow the light to get to the lower tips.

Looking good! My favorite grow has been Goldleaf in CoCo, but I did it under metal halide/hps bulbs. Just started a new grow of Goldleaf in CoCo under LED a few days ago :slight_smile:

This thread is on watch now, interested to see how yours turns out!

4 weeks tomorrow I have removed over a ounce of Leaf from the girls to trie to let the colas in the shade get some light to allow them to grow the first photo is the day before the haircut the second is the day after the haircut. My nutrients level at feed is 1000 ppm the run off water that I drain out after feeding is 1900 ppm.


31 days in will turn girls into flower mode tonight. Did fresh water flush today. I will start bloom nutrients tomorrow night now things are getting real can not wait.