First run in the new shed

So i have officially moved my grow from where it was, to a portable storage shed. Took a couple months to get it to where i try a small run out. Planted on Sunday, looks like all 3 seeds have popped. 2 bluecheese autos from ilgm and one mystery seed from a bag find.


Congratulations :tada::confetti_ball: let the fun begin :blush::v:


Just as i suspected all 3 are standing upright looking for a warm dose of artificial sunshine.

So from dropping the seeds until now has been 5 full days. The next 2 weeks will be fun to watch them get their legs under them. Then its time to start twisting and bending.

I did make a change to my heater placement. I put the heater on the other end of the shed to keep them from working against one another.


Welcome back Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

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Well… look who decided to show up to the party :rofl::rofl::rofl: was wondering where you ran off to… looking great! In 3.5 months youll be reaping the benefits…


Thanks yall. Im sure ill hit some snags along the way. But it feels good to finally have my shed coming together. Looking forward to having space to work on my hobbies. Once i get the grow space dialed in, ive got some model cars to be working on this winter. Plus i also will be working on adding so.e displays to show off some of my older builds. I absolutely love 1/24 scale models.


I finished putting together my little Stirling motor this morning. Neat little kit to put together.


I dug out an old relic from my past over the weekend. This was my night stand/stash locker at my first house when i was only 17. A friend of mine who worked at a cabinet shop at the time built it for me. I still remember i paid him with a quarter bag. There were tons of old stuff from my past. I think my favorite find was the incense sticks i bought in Hawaii of this Jamaican. I cleared it of all smells to let it air out for a few days. After replacing the lock if the temps will hold about where they should. It will once again be my stash locker.


It got a bit chilly last night. We had pur first good frost. Got down to 58 in the shed. Cracnked up the heat a bit today. Suppose to not get much above 50 here today. Seedlings seem to be ok though.

Despite the freezing temps outside the past few days. Seedlings seem to still be thriving. Second set of leaves are forming. And they seem to have stopped stretching.

This bag seed is laying down good roots. All the way to the bottom of the solo cup already. I can wait to see what this plant turns out to be. But its healthy so far.

The 2 blue cheese plants are definitely growing at different rates. Both planted the same day in the exact same conditions. Gonna be fun to see how different in size they end up.

Trying to do some clean up on some of my model and rc car collection at the same time. Im going to end up with a nice rocky locking foundation for the shed, while giving me somewhere to use my toys at home too.

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As long as your soil temps dont get below 65 you should be good. Make sure you always stay above 60.


Ive got the heater in the veg room set to not let it get below 65. And ive been keeping the lung area between 75 and 65.

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I clearly have a front runner of the 2 autoflower plants. Hopefully the smaller of the 2 will go on and start stacking soon.

The mystery bag seed is coming along as well. As long as its female ill be happy with his plant

Last night i did add cal mag and silica. When should i start to start them on jacks nutes?

Cal mag and silica definitely darkened them up a bit. Once i run through this gallon. I will introduce jacks. Even the smallest is starting to show growth.

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The mystery seed is doing well on the root end. And its beginning to spread outward slowly.

The small blue cheese seed continues to show signs of growth, but very slowly.

While the larger of the blue cheese seeds continues to grow rapidly. I will be starting them on jacks tomorrow when i water them next.

Starting in on training the lowest set of limbs on the bigger blue cheese plant. Nothing crazy, just trying to help it bush outward rightnow.

The smaller bluecheese plant is improving slowly. And continues to be healthy.

I think it may be time to transplant the mystery seed. Its roots have for sure doubled since introducing food this week.

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More train stakes added to the bluecheese plant this morning. It should start to bush real nice this next week.

Small bluecheese just slowly doing its thing. Definitely getting darker day by day.

I transplanted the mystery so it can spread out. Still to soon to see if its female. Hopefully it will show signs soon.


This to me is the fun part to watch. Moving and training the limbs a couple times a day until she bushes out nicely.

Small bluecheese will start training soon, unless they start to flower. Then i guess this one will just be a bonsai plant.

Mystery seed shows signs of growth after the transpant, so i assume the take root i used is helping.