Finishing my first indoor grow

Here are some pics of my first ever indoor grow. Its a heavy duty fruity and green crack clones. Uploading: 20210127_155418.jpg…

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They are 4 weeks into flower. Fox farm happy frog median with fox farm trio nutes and flower fuel. I got a 5 gallon dwc system I’m about to setup

Thats awesome bud! I am just about 4-5 weeks into my first grow .

Its been a learning experience for me. I’m usually outdoor guy but I’m loving the indoor thing. Good luck and enjoy the best and most rewarding hobbies u can do. Thanks

Thanks man! I just lost one last week due to root rot or something. I wasnt watering enough. Glad i posted up on here as a coupe people came to the rescue . Great community this is right here.
Continue success to you bud!