First post Day 18 of flower. Blue dream and godfather OG both feminized

Hello to all. I have been growing for a few years and love this site. I have gotten seeds multiple times and currently growing Blue dream and three godfather OG. I am in an indoor room and on day 18 of flower. Water tomorrow and feed third bloom nutes Tuesday. Happy Growing. Stalks are monsters. Topped them multiple times


Welcome to the forum, Nice plants, thick stalks. I love the blue dream high. I have yet to try Godfather OG

Welcome to are world of growing…Very nice looking plants…Blue Dream a great smoke,happy growing and let us know how your grow turns out… :bat: :rofl: :vulcan_salute:

Definitely will do. I will keep updating photos as they continue to grow. OG probably ready around July 10th or so. Blue dream soon after. Godfather OG seeds new from I L G M. Blue dream only survivor from older seeds. She is a beauty. Took a few clippings to monster crop. In water chilling. Thanks again and happy growing

Rotated and light defoliating done today. Brown leaves from corners. No longer there. Take care