First photo grow-ILGM sativa mix pack

This is my first photo grow. I have a couple autos and a cbd going that haven’t even finished yet but Im impatient :joy:

I finally got my sativa mix pack in yesterday and dropped one of each in water around 2pm. 10 hrs later they had dropped to the bottom. About 20 hours after that, they had popped and I planted them. But not before I snapped a couple pics :grin: my wife said they look alien.

Silver Lemon Haze

Chocolope (this one popped first)

Strawberry Cough

Idk why I thought they would look different lol they all basically look the same. But I think they look cool and thought I’d share. :woman_shrugging::grin:


Great pick and pics fun fact if you germ them through paper towel the tap root can be a lot longer and thinner but those seeds are very promising gratz



I did glass of water, after they dropped to the bottom I put them in the paper towel. Then I planted as soon as possible Bc I’m scared if I get a long taproot I’ll mess it up :woman_facepalming::joy: I think they look thick in the pictures bc it’s so close up. I used a macro lens. They’re so tiny I couldn’t even focus the camera right :rofl:

And thank you, wish me luck!

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What tool or device was used for pics ?

@Randy_Marsh I have a canon eos with macro lens and reverse ring. I already had the camera and a few lenses so I ordered the reverse ring ($7ish) to see if I would be able to use it for trichomes on my autos that are flowering. No trichomes yet but I’m hoping since I can see this little seed, maybe it will work :crossed_fingers:


I no wonder photo so crisp, nothing a phone can achieve, thank you , will have to bring the big guns once my harvest starts blooming


Very cool macro pics! I need a macro lens…

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If you already have a pretty good lens w decent focal length, a reverse ring (poor mans macro😂) is worth a shot. If not, they make them for your phone🤷‍♀️

I just like that you can get good pics. I see people having a hard time getting a good pic with the loupes.

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That strawberry cough hasn’t changed at all! The other two have broken soil already. Is it too soon to be worried?

Nah those 2 are just extra energetic I’d give it 2 more days then do a gentle brush aside to see if it withered (it happens don’t be to discouraged) you can tell if the white root turns a dingy beige but I wouldn’t worry yet

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:tired_face::tired_face: ok thanks… I have them under the spider farmer 1000. I think it only has 100w actual pull. They’re about 36” under it. That shouldn’t be too much? @GreenSnek

Nahh that’s like< 300 ppfd totally safe you keeping them moist with a dome( I always remove domes as soon as they sprout with no helmet head)

Well they’re in with a blurple light too. I have them as far away as possible tho.

Oh yea I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t start stretching from lack of light soon I, start my girls at 32 in from my 260 xl (33% and that was even a little to low) then I up it to 50% by start of week 2 so dont be afraid to get a little aggressive with your light if you do it gradually and if you do get to much stretch add extra medium later like this

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I can pop a stool in there to lift them up? I just didn’t want them under the red light from the flower mode on the first light. I have some leds I could use on the babies in a different area but didn’t know if that would be ok…


Would a couple of these be better? And if so, how far away. They don’t even sell cfl around here anymore :woman_facepalming: Only these led bulb types…


Sorry, one more question… do you prefer fim or top? I tried to fim that cbd in the middle of the pic up there. Not sure if I did it right lol but that one is my experimenting plant so :woman_shrugging: Should I go ahead and top or leave it?

I mostly work with autos so I dont do either(I just do aggressive LSTing) but fimming is generally better but more random i cant really tell what’s goin on but it looks like shes dividing and red light is fine my rspec light had more red in it and it doesnt hurt my girls

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Ok thanks! The two bigger ones on the outside are white widow autos. They’ve been awesome so far. No real complaints. Except for the ones in front. They’re white widow autos from the same order, only a week behind. I don’t think they’re going to make it. That’s why I only put them in 1gal (ish) containers. I want them to make it but they just won’t do anything. :sob::sob:

How do I go about telling ILGM about these strawberry cough seeds? The first one still hasn’t come out of the soil! It’s been about 48 hours since I put the second one in a paper towel and it still hasn’t popped :weary: I really wanted all 3at the same time. And the strawberry cough was the buying point for me. The only other mixpack that had SC was the berry pack. I didn’t care for that so I ordered the sativa. I’m so disappointed :cry: and scared that the rest won’t germ either. The super lemon haze and chocolope have been great so far but I can’t get a strawberry cough to start. I would go ahead and try to germ the rest of them but IF they succeeded I wouldn’t have room for them lol

Help :sob::sob: