First photo grow-ILGM sativa mix pack

Just put my 3rd strawberry cough seed in a wet paper towel. I guess we will see…

Picture update:

Chocolope (been knocked over twice already and still going strong :woman_facepalming::joy: )

Super Lemon Haze

Side by side (both 8 days old)

Strawberry Cough (3rd seed, finally got one to germinate! :heart_eyes:) just came thru soil today

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@GreenSnek what was the initial medium used? I see a 70/30 coco perlite was added but I don’t see much perlite in the original, that’s why I ask.

What RSPEC do you have?

50% coco 20% compost 30 % perlite and hlg 260 xl fantastic light though I wished I had a b spec for veg but it still does a fantastic job best 3 week autos ive had yet(even with subpar humidity levels)

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I got the HLG RSPEC as well but not the xl,I’m ordering the BSPEC soon, it’s insane what those lights are capable of!!!

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@GreenSnek You got DOUBLE the one I have!!!

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I looked those up last night after seeing you guys post about them lol they’re crazy expensive! :moneybag::moneybag::see_no_evil:

@GreenSnek @Kinglouida13th

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Yea but you make your money back after the 1st grow heck you make your money back from 1 plant from your 1st grow

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@GreenSnek @HollyHo, yeah YOU might but I DON’T make money, I grow weed solely to support MY OWN EDIBLE AND CONCENTRATE habits, occasionally a joint!! And yes @HollyHo it is more of an investment than JUST another purchase!!


@GreenSnek damn how much does a oz go for where you are?

@Kinglouida13th definitely! But I’d love to have them :grimacing::joy::joy:

I dont sell either but consider how much you are saving by NOT buying it from others

Oh and 200 -300 an ounce and I made 2.5-35 ounces each on my 1st grow where I constantly messed up and had no idea what I was doing

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@HollyHo I would HIGHLY suggest to save up for at the very least a 135 RSPEC it’s roughly $200 and @BobbyDigital have me a discount code for I think $20 and don’t know if it’s still available, but yes a HLG quantum board is ESSENTIAL!! I put my RSPEC in the day I got it, and within 2 hours saw a significant visible difference in my flowering buds!!

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Yup code dude 10% off anything glad to know it still works

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@Kinglouida13th @GreenSnek

Just a quick picture update!

Chocolope (12 days)

Super Lemon Haze (12 days)

Strawberry Cough (5 days)


@HollyHo those are some beauties, are any of em single? I’m looking for a new girlfriend, mine cheated on me!! :joy::joy::exploding_head::exploding_head:

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I think these are a bunch of hoes too :woman_facepalming: It’s always the ones that are energetic and eager to please :joy::joy: where’s my baby powder :thinking::clap:

I love how we can talk as much shit as we want, and refer to them as the DIRTIEST OF HOES if we want, and we’re literally talking about a weed plant, so can’t nobody say shit about being offended, it’s hilarious I’ll be talking to my boy on the phone and be like "yeah these bit*** here are getting in my nerves today, and my girl will automatically think I’m talking about her and the female cat, and the female dog, and be like “you wanna call us names say it to us” and be dead ass serious, and I literally can do nothing but die laughing(on the floor), at first she used to not believe me when I said like yo we’re just talking about out weed plants relax, but I think now after actually hearing a portion of those conversation she knows, but I swear you cannot make this shit up, its life live in the flesh, and hilarious AF at times and when we can do what I already said above to make it more fun, than gosh damnit get it



I agree :100: