First Indoor Grow Journal

Hoping this is the right section! I’m new here! I’ve run a fair amount of soil and DWC tents in the past, but this is my first grow in a 70/30 coco/perlite mix. I had started three of these plants in DWC, but after dealing with heavy rains on an extremely hot day earlier this month, a two day power outage led to early stages of root rot because of a complete inability to keep anything below 90-100 degrees. At this point I said f*** it and pulled the ladies (carefully!) out of the net pots and transplanted into 7 gallon coco pots. I’m running AN sensi coco base, Liquid Karma, Hydroguard, Fish Sh!t, and powerSI during veg. I’m about a month in at this point, but here are some pictures starting from seed! My three bigger ladies are Peanut Butter Haze seeds I was given by a friend, I’m also running a Grape Smoothie by City Slicker Genetics and Tropicana Shoes (Trop Cookies x Cement Shoes). High frequency fertigation twice daily with one liter of feed. Plants grown under cheap viparspectras at first, now under my Hyphotonflux 480w bar style, full spec LED. Processing: 5CE6F56D-7EAE-4626-9A09-A84B0A89BDB2.jpeg…
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Welcome to the forum! It appears you may have submitted reply before your pictures were done with upload. Can take a minute when uploading several photos.


Let’s try this again, I’ll post a couple at a time. These pictures are of the start of the PBH plants in the DWC system. They were moved from a 2.5 x 2.5 tent to a 4 x 4 with viparspectras as I waited for my hyphotonflux to come and replace my CMH

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These are pictures of transplant day for the Peanut Butter Haze into coco after finding early signs of root rot. Also, the start of the Tropicana Shoes and Grape Smoothie (slight light stress on the grape smoothie which stopped as soon as I backed off the light). It’s my first grow with LEDs, so lesson learned :joy:.

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Here are the plants 2 weeks after transplant (1.5 weeks after seedlings sprouted). I have used LST clips and trellis netting to develop the canopy. The friend who had given me the Peanut Butter Haze seeds had told me not to top more than twice, but I completely forgot. They’ve ended up quite bushy. I have defoliated beneath the trellis netting. Crazy huge 9 finger fan leaves on the Grape Smoothie.

3 weeks from transplant. The plants have all received defoliation. I have used this opportunity to take cuttings from all three PBH plants and put them in the DWC cloner, I will grow mothers from the best pheno (which I plan to cross with my Blueberry F5). The Tropicana Shoes and Grape Smoothie will be cloned when I can get bigger cuttings.

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There are three smaller plants in the tent. These are c99 regulars from Brothers Grimm. I plan to flip these to determine sex and hopefully get a good mother.

Nice! Keep us posted

Nice save :love_you_gesture:

Very nice brother, your ladies are looking great :love_you_gesture:

It’s the end of another week and the canopy continues to spread nicely through the trellis. I’m still not getting the height I would like from the Grape Smoothie and Tropicana Shoes, but those are also a week or two younger. My Peanut Butter Haze clones have started rooting and will go into nursery pots until I decide which pheno is the keeper.

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7 days post flip. Will continue veg nutes for another 4 or 5 days and then switch to bloom. Have added recharge once a week to feeding. Plants are now requiring 3 liters of water to attain 20% run off,

In the third week since flip to 12/12. Stretching seems to be almost done, expecting another few inches. Heavy defoliation for a clean canopy. Grape smoothie ended up having balls, replaced with an Ultraviolet OG mother plant I was going to get rid of anyways.

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Fifth week since flip and they’re starting to swell a bit! Starting to back off on nutes, PK booster had been added for the last 10 days. Bud Candy being added as well. Fertifsrion @ 1.5 liters per day with a flush every 7 days.

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I figured I’d post my veg tent too! Got some great new stuff I can’t wait to run. Pictured here:

  • Peanut butter haze #1 and #3
  • Cindy 99 (3 phenos: 2 female, 1 male)
  • Maine Red Bud x (Cindy 99 x BC Diesel)
  • Headband x (c99 x BC Diesel)
  • Spacesuit x ATF
  • Dawgs Breath x Chem 91
  • GG4 x (c99 x BC diesel)
  • Ultrraviolet OG
  • Candy Chem x Sweet Tooth
  • Mango Dosi (Mango Smoothie x Dosido)

Can’t wait to try them all!

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Looking phenomenal in there my friend! You’re going to have a house full :love_you_gesture:

Week 6 in flower for four of my plants (3 peanut butter haze, 1 Tropicanna Cookies x Cement Shoes), I also have an ultraviolet OG in there a couple weeks behind. Trop Shoes is developing nice color and the PBH is super frosty.