Beginner journal. All criticism, direction pointing and guidance is highly welcomed and appreciated. (soaking it all in)

First time grower, Running two active aqua 4’ x 6’ ebb flood and drain tables, (I have a total of 5 that I intend to fill in this particular room) sitting on original “west coast growers” stands. 70 plants in 70 active aqua 7"x7" square pots, clay pebbles. 2, 1,000 watt replacement rapid led chilled 4x4 fixtures, 1 exotic board and 1 Emerson board on each fixture.

Chilled Logic 4' x 4' Grow Fixture — Rapid LED

Hoping they won’t be too crowded once I go 12/12 this week (11/19). Will Def be doing a lot of maintenance on lollipopping, air flow, etc… Already topped and fimmed, not low stressing this first time around. Sometimes I have no clue on what I’m doing. Wish me luck. Any guidance will be highly appreciated.

The first day it all started 9/6. 11 Gelato Tomato clones from a friend, with nowhere to really put them.

9/24 I Found this “hand me down RDWC” for free online. Hated it! Everyday I had to unclog at least 3-4 misters. Remember the big girl on the bottom right hand side for later…

Around 9/18 I had planted these GG Pepper seeds from ILGM Gorilla Glue Feminized Seeds For Sale | Buy Online >>> ILGM
with out a clue of what I was doing. As you can see, they were super leggy, next pic will tell you why.

Look how far I had the lights (T5)from the seedlings, and I also had the audacity to put 3 red bulbs in there (far red)

G.H Micro, Gro, Bloom. I ran them at early veg, at 1500ppm and like 7.8Ph :person_shrugging:t2: what the Heck did I know?! :person_facepalming:t2: I don’t even feed them past 1150ppm, 5.8-6.2PH now at early bloom. Now I’m Running the whole G.H product line at ¼ of their ML suggestions per gallon plus HYDRO GUARD

10/6 I eventually replanted the seedlings and gave them some decent light. While I built a room for them.

10/13 I picked up some more (48) Gelato Tomato clones

10/13 Do y’all remember the girl from the bottom right hand side, I asked y’all to remember? I decided to promote her to be a Queen! (Gelato Mom)

10/14 I finished moving and prepping “veg room 1”

10/14 The Bloom Bloom Room

10/19 The Bloom Bloom Room

10/20 Picture notes, because I forget absolutely everything. Fixtures were too close to the wall.

10/22 we move into The Bloom Bloom Room to veg. First 20 on the left hand side are all 20 GG seedlings from ILGM. They all made it!

10/26 Ended up promoting this one to mom as well, since she sky rocketed under these lights

11/1 remember Queen?! (Gelato mom)

11/11 from right to left. Mom 1, Mom 2 GG Mom from ILGM

11/19 we Flip twelve to twelve. But before that, we defoliate, keep some clones and repot from eighty something active aqua 5x5 squared pots to seventy one 7x7 active aqua squared pots. Some short plants were kept in veg. Plants on the right measured 18" left 12" because of ceiling

11/19 moms and some veg that needed help (ICU I call it, because when in those buckets they Grow and get healthy quick! I chopped mom down significantly

11/19 mom chopped up for cloning

10/28 about 120 clones. Everything in the pots on the stand are rooted.

12/1 day 12 of flower, you can’t even see the masking tape measured at 12" on the left wall, nor the 18" mark on the right wall anymore. Because right side gelato tomatoes are 26" and GG From ILGM are 22 - 23" yup, their catching up.

Ended up throwing away a whole beautiful plant recently after flower and cutting off all swollen calyx’s on another, because of what I thought were pollen sacks. While time they were swollen calyx. Still breaks my heart man.

12/1 12 days into flowering

12/1 Gelato Tomato

12/1 GG tomatoes from ILGM FEM

These red lights are set to turn on 15 min prior to lights on (sunrise) and 15 min after lights out (sunset) because you know the sun doesn’t jump out shining in a split second! :laughing:


Guys, please! Any info, good or bad is still info to me, since I’ve never done this before. Honestly, I’ve never planted anything in my life before, and as soon as I saw that first seed pop, it was a wrap! I’ve never had a real hobby besides bmx and racing cars. But this, this to me is life changing, it’s only been 3 months and I can’t see myself not doing this, ever! it’s actual life! Any info, guidance, criticism will be highly appreciated, Thank you in advance! :muscle::pray::heart:



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After I threw away a prefect plant, I also cut every calyx on another (thought they were make pollen sacks). Should I keep an eye out for her on becoming hermie? Calyx already growing back 3 days later.

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That grow looks good!

Live and learn on the calayx cutting and plant chopping early. A hand held magnifing glass works great for sexing early. That may have prevented the early chop. But it’s water under the bridge. Everything else looks legit!

If it were me… I would leave the plant you cut calayxs on go. If it herms… It’ll be easy enough to spot and get rid of then. That’s just me. MJ is super resilient. It will likely bounce back and do just fine. But others may pipe in on this with different advice.

Thanks for tagging me in your grow! Good luck!

GHSCGrower :v:

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@HappyHydroGrower @Covertgrower @dbrn32 @peachfuzz


Everything is looking good my friend…
I’ll set to watching so I can see if you need any help…:+1:

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Very much appreciated brotha, thank you! :v::heart:

Looking good in there. Love to follow along.

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Day 19 defoliation Def. Gonna have a problem with them hitting the lights.


Day 19 ofof flower :eyes:

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Day 25.
Am I doing ok here? I’ve never had anything like this before, to compare. How’s it looking, growmies?

@peachfuzz @Covertgrower @GHSCGrower @SKORPION


Everything is lookin good my friend… :+1::wink:


Looking great!

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Thank you! :v::heart:

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Thank you!! :v::heart:

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Day 39. The smell! :blush:

About 150 more ladies right behind them. Thinking about LST them. Just that I have no clue on how when and where. :person_facepalming:t2: I already topped most.


LST fail

Week 6 & 7 (day 48 of 90ish)

Something in particular about her😍


Look at THOSE!
Looking amazing!

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Thank you, thank you! :raised_hands: :muscle::pray::heart: I appreciate your feedback. :+1:

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Hope I did it right this time. (LST)

Girls in the back are going 12/12 this week. Didn’t have time to LST them. Not that I’m sure how to LST. How soon will they rise up?

I think you’ll see a change fast.
Wouldn’t be surprised if you already are seeing a change since you posted this yesterday.

I’m wicked jealous of your space lol

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