First indoor grow. It’s been a learning experience but we’re not done yet

So this is my first indoor grow. I had an old post that got about half way through the grow but the link went dead or something? Not exactly sure…anyways this has been a nightmare grow. From the start I was scrambling and rushing to get things in order. I came across 2 400W SF4000 quantum boards and I couldn’t pass (both for $100)!!’ There knock offs similar to the spider farms but don’t overlook them just yet. I’ll attach an image of the specs. They claim to veg 6x6 and flower 5x5 or maybe it’s 5x5/4x4…:thinking: I’ll have to check.
I purchased a 5x5 tent and went with some gorilla glue autos. I had a few sour diesel autos left over ( they don’t like me very much). I got a 6” in-line fan w carbon filter. Also a 4” heap I take filter (considering I smoke cigarettes in the house)…
So far we are looking good, I’ve got:
(2) 400w sf4000 led qb
5x5 growtent
12 3gal fiber pots
10pb compressed brick coco :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Big bag perlite
(5lb) bag concentrate living soil-mixes with 25 gal medium, so 1 lb per 5gal soil (IE coco/perlite)

Now with all that being said I started this by saying how dangerously little information I had on coco. Taking on a first time indoor grow, first time coco, first time hydro of any form. Never used living soil or energy really heard of it. And 10 GG and 3 SD was easily called going overboard. And at this point I realize but I still am trying to make the most out of my grow. I will have a harvest of some sort, but nothing close to what it should have been. So my babies were stunted from the start. 3gal pits were way to big to start in and I also shocked by mixing living soil completely with coco and perlite instead of only using it in bottom half pot. But eventually everyone started to take off. I only used 1 of the quantum boards until flower. But I had one hell of a time getting there. The problem is I didn’t know I needed to water coco till run off (multiple times a day) I honestly knew nothing about coco but am now a light weight expert lol
The issue also fell on the living soil, watering to run off was flushing all my nutrients down the drain. So at like week 3-4 I had to start feeding. Now realize I’ve got a full tent with no watering system. This got olddddd. So to summarize I went ahead and top dressed the coco with some solid organic potting soil, hoping it would help to retain some moisture so I wouldn’t have to water as often. But now I’m wishing I hadn’t because at the current moment I’m adding a dripper system. This grow has been a headache but to get anything out of it will make it won’t the lessons learned. My plants just arnt looking healthy what do you think is going on? I havnt been feeding every time I water but usually food , cal/Meg, water. I filter and ph check. EC at this point is around 1000ppm and we are at like day 50ish. Something just isn’t right and it’s a wanting something. Idk if I’m drying out in the roots where it’s only coco/perlite and top soil just appears moist? I’m aftraid the soil I added is going to mess with my dripper system I’m adding as well…? Should I still water to run off? Currently watering 1/day around 1/4 gal each plant.
Anyways sorry about the novel but I really could use some advice. Pictures will be in order from birth to present. I’ve got all the plants out of the tent trying to run this 1/2” Poly tubing. This is all need to me, I’m use to growing outdoors under our great sun…but mans gotta do somethin in the winter months. Anyways any advice or input would be greatly appreciated !!Uploading: 31180844-0861-4653-A5FD-FB28F8180A4E.png... Uploading: BC3D077B-E43E-4EAB-984D-DEB8D6E5E425.png… Uploading: D8D8E488-954D-44C0-85CF-F31FE0C652E7.jpeg…

Uploading: 2B3AD470-E602-43FA-850D-8B1D7614D1D0.jpeg… Uploading: 0CD2DAA7-DE07-4F7F-918F-056A22D738F2.jpeg… Uploading: A7FB62C4-482C-4CFB-80EC-1835E2490B9A.jpeg… Uploading: AA25ADA8-7160-4B8F-8776-1753B49D7BAF.jpeg… Uploading: D96E712F-3E1D-464E-8230-F60D4412028C.jpeg… Uploading: 5310527D-5E05-47D3-A4A8-5A5D0204C2AB.jpeg…

Gotta wait for the pictures to upload.

Not a good idea blending coco with soil. It just makes crappy soil. If in coco you need to supplement for the entire grow and need to have on hand a decent PH and TDS meter to monitor/adjust nute load.

Lots more information needed.

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