First indoor bud harvested

Four days into the final flush and I ran into an all too common problem. My stash of Trainwreck is running low. I’m hell bent on never buying another bag so I went ahead and took a bud. I’ve grown a lot in the woods, but this is the first indoor bud I’ve ever harvested. There was more growth on down but I chopped the stem and left it to mature a little more. I wanted to wait on some amber, but she’s definitely in the window. I’d share trich pics but I cheaped out and bought a loop instead of a microscope. Anyway, here it is:

She’s not the biggest one or the smallest one. Should hold me over til more is ready.


I have a microscope I never use. The loop is easier to see and scope both upsclose and long view.
Grats on your first indoor @Outlaw


Thanks @Docnraq. I guess it’s technically 3 buds but I’m just happy to have made it to the end. If mold hits tomorrow at least I harvested something first try. Thanks to you and everyone else who helped me out along the way.