First hydro need advise

My very first hydro will germinate seed today March 26th. Received equipment today. Any advise on what the water should contain once germination completes?

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Depends on medium and if the medium has neutrients one of the ilgm guys will post a ticket for you to fill out but for first 4 weeks plain pH water at 6.5 for soil then start adding nutes at week 5 at 1/4 strength

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Makes perfect sense. Thank you!

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Forum I just received my hydro set and would like to transfer a few soil based seedlings to hydro. What’s your advise? Safest way to transport to hydro?

Using Photone ppfd set at around 380 sf-4000 at full blast. Should I move my lights closer?

The little ones might need less while the bigger ones could use more.

Hello forum. My seedlings have been sitting in bottled water for 48 hours and have sprouted. I’m going hydro however using the jiffy pellet approach should I just transfer the seedling into the pellet top it off with soil until I set the first set of leaves and then transfer

or…should I place the pellet directly into it’s home surrounded by clay pellets? Please advise and thank you so much!

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Good day. I did a little research on related topics here and found that dropping the seedling in a ‘toot riot’ medium and then cover with clay pebbles should suffice. Thanks for reading!

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I put my seeds in rapid rooters or pete pellets.
I keep them under dome with a t5 light and heat matt.
I continue to spray the inside of the dome with a water bottle (tap water).
A seedling will survive with very little water to the actual pellet. You just don’t want the pellet to dry completely out. The seedlings will draw humidity from the dome and will feed off of its cotyledon leaves for the first 3ish weeks or until the cotyledon leaves start to die off.

At about 2 weeks, put it in a net pot and place in tote/bucket with water about an inch from the net pot.
Make sure to have plenty of air bubbling up onto the netpot. Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

Here is how they look in the totes and what I do to help with humidity while they are young.


Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


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Today is the 31st day above ground. How much longer should I keep in vegetation another month or so? She’s getting pretty big right now!

My apologies for mixing my soil medium with hydro. As for hydro, my pellets are still under and have yet to sprout. It’s been close to a week however I can see the root.