First grow update and feed back

Little update on my first grow. I never did start a journal lol. This is the biggest of the four girls.

The others what do you all think so far?


They’re looking good! Are they still stretching for you?


The big girl is stretching like crazy. The other three not so much but one did just start her stretch. That’s why the net is up. Can’t get in that good to trim and water

I haven’t used a scrog. It looks like you’re set to go. And happy cake day!


Thanks :blush:

Looking good, nice shade of green. I’d say they happy.

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Look awesome! What stain are they… autos I assume? I use a lot of heavy LST on my ladies waiting to see how they turn out for now they are doing very well… been thinking about using a grid on my next grow and check out the difference how are they filling it out?