First grow, second plant down

Well it’s all down now. I finished harvesting and trimming ly final plant. I harvested my obama kush last week and I jarred that up Thursday and now my sunset sherbet is fully harvested and hanging in the closet. I admit I was thrown off because when I’ve gotten this strain in the stores I don’t remember it smelling like this but I guess that’s genetics for you. The sunset sherbet was REALLY sticky and it had that almost pine sol smell. I hadn’t encountered a sativa like this since my youth so I thought something was wrong at first (I thought it was a soap type smell from some of the issues I had had with the plant) but then I refreshed my knowledge of terpenes and was reminded that is a very normal sativa smell. So now they are hanging in the closet for the next week or so and then into jars with the fresh packs. It’s been fun everyone and I’m looking forward to seeing how the curing works and effects the flavor. Cheers.


Nice job looks great I took this a few days ago but about to hit week 6 everything still clear not cloudy. But I hope to harvest in 3 weeks.


Good job looks nice save that big bud for the upcoming holidays.