First Grow Pretty Much All DIY On Day 02 Seedling

First Grow Ever

Not a clue what I am doing but done lots of homework and think I’m off to a good start.

In the beginning:
*Homemade Pvc Grow Tent - made out of the obvious PVC pipes connectors and black and white poly, also got a stick on zipper from the hydro store to close it up nicely and made a flap to cover any light escaping.

*Homemade carbon activated filter running through ducting and going to have it running out of my tent for an exhaust. Also going to run fan into the bottom for good air flow.

*Lighting started with a Costco Led grow light but not sure that will be enough so day 02 switched it up from led to T5’s , turned a 6 bulb ballast into a lightweight 2 light will post pics after it worked pretty well.

Germinated four seeds paper towel method and within 3 days had about half inch tap root.

Transplanted them into the ph’d rockwool cubes and started them on 18/6. Also dipped them in ph balanced with rapid root 3 mls instead of the recommended 5 mls in 5 gallons of water

Day 01 as seedlings

Day 02 seedlings dipped in Nute solution (ph5.5) ish using drop test currently


Looks like a good start

Hey usually going from seed to sprout is sometimes the most difficult. You got this , follow the forum and we all will help you turn the world green!

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awesome thanks, I’m so pumped finally all the hard work put into the building everything alone and I see results so quickly deff think I should have started this a long time ago :smiley:


This is day 37 for me 6 plants. Dwc and 2 600watt hps.


That is crazy

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One thing i am having issues with right now is getting the lighting figured out I don’t want to lack in this department so as of right now i got the full spec grow light from Costco but i have four plants and have read reviews on the light that is only a 17W light which I doubt is enough so I have
Luminus 16W 120V 3000K x 4

…or I get my T5’s working …WHAT DO I DO ?

The t5s would be far better than that bulb. But you’ll probably still need more light later on. But it looks like you’re off to a great start. Welcome to the forum.


You’re definitely off to a very nice start. I agree with @Pizmopete that seed to sprout is the most difficult and nerve wracking part, they’re so fragile at this stage. You’ll definitely need more light in the future with four plants. What are the strains?
Good luck, have fun & welcome to the forum.

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CBDutch Treat 4%thc 8%cbd
so far they have been really easy to work with from what I can tell at least .

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CBDutch Treat seedlings x 4
Homemade Aeroponics System

                         Week # 1 ( Nov 05- Nov 11) 


So far so good I think , have been noticing how certain things are doing better for the plants opposed to other things have them all in the aeroponics system and barley running pump just enough to keep them from getting dry. so excited for the next few weeks ! seeing some nice leaves coming and roots growing from the net cups woohoo :stuck_out_tongue:


So the lights I made last for the CFL bulbs was to big and in my way so I got creative, downsized a little and the room in working much better now. Added another fan inside the room.

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