First Grow - Looking for flower magic and some help from friends

Yep, it’s my first grow. I decided to start a journal as I’m sure I’ll have questions eventually. Likely sooner than later. Here are the deets I have so far:

HLG Diablo 200 light -
2x2x4 tent but considering upgrading to 3x3x6
FFHF & FFOF mix in 3 gallon fabric pots
Small fan
PHd tap water to 6.5
I have a TDS meter I’ve not used yet
Temperature 76
Rel Humidity 75

1 Blueberry
1 Amnesia Haze.
Both from ILGM, both Autos
Current DLI is 57, a bit high I know
Current light cycle is 24/0

Dropped seeds 3/9
Planted in cups 3/12
Transplanted to pots 3/24

And here they are!
Blueberry first, then AH


You doing great less is best :ok_hand:!

Gal’s are looking great so far imo :+1: as far as tent space goes me personally id do the bump up mainly for height room 4ft fills up fast

Don’t underestimate the advantages to LST (or HST). I got some huge buds on the (Super Lemon Haze auto) cola that I HST’ed at the end of it’s stretch.

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welcome to your new happy place :blush:
Your girls look healthy and happy. You can check out LST or SCROG to help with space.

I have grown both. Blueberry was compact and very fun to grow. AH was a learning experience. I will enjoy watching yours progress.


Looking good in there

I forgot to tag people @anon53927112 @Itcmdr

Thanks all!

Over here @DrWatson420

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I love when people break rules and know it… Ur plants look really good… Keep on keeping on.


Looking great keep it up

Lst and and fimming are great ways to get more bud sites or more main colas i just finished my grow my critical purple auto i fimmed it six times and i sone alot of lst and because of this the plant ended up with over 18 main colas and alot of the buds are twice the size of soda cans


Update for day 20. Still vegging along.
I watered the soil a bit as I added it to the pot in prep for transplantation. So I’ve not watered since transplantation. Pots are getting lighter but plants don’t seem to be droopy, so maybe water tomorrow?
I did decide on the taller tent. I don’t have the pots on elevators yet. If I do that, they will be way too close to the light. And I already have my light turned down as far as it will go. New tent should be here on Tuesday.
And here are the obligatory photos!
Thanks for following friends!


That was also my first mix pack!

Great variety of effects for those 3 for me including the Northern Lights.

Your plants look great! And great idea to mix the two FF potting soils like you did

This forum is great. Also read random topics you never know what you will see or learn.

So exciting!

I also use the “wait till the pot is light and almost to when the plants droop” watering method. Works great!

This was my first grow, the four were: 2 Northern Lights, 1 Blueberry ( front Rt.) and 1 Amnesia Haze (back left)


I bet if you givem some dark you will see a better veg. Just me. Nice set. Will do great.


I’d like to but I’m in an unfinished basement and I’m using the light for heat. I might need to add a heater when the taller tent gets here…. Holding pattern until it arrives cause that’s gonna change all the environmentals. Then it’s starting over dialing it all back in again. (sigh)


Do you know your night time basement temperature? I also have an unfinished basement.

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I actually just went to 5/3 in vegging tent with auto and photo. Temp issues more manageable. Or a 6/2. By the time it chills down lights come on.

The reason I ask is in the winter, my lighted tent temperature was only 66 which was way too low.

I added heat from a nearby overhead duct and raised all temperatures to average about 78 which made a big difference. I don’t think 55 degrees for 4 hours lights off hurt them


Lookin good !

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