MeEasy what is going on now (Part 1)

Hello all I decided to do a All in one grow diary instead of trying to keep up with more than one so I’m just going to separate each by tent numbers I have three tents. For now I’m going to grow start to finish in each tent instead of having separate ones for veg, and flower. tent 1 is a 4x4 tents 2 and 3 are 2x4s

Don’t take it personally if I forget you, hell I have to check my drivers license once a week to remember me. I welcome anyone along for the ride I tagged those I thought would be interested and I remembered old man brain
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Always happy to follow along. Thanks for the tag :+1:



Strains = 2x Cinderella Jack / 2x wedding cake / 2x cheese berry / 2x Bruce Banner / all autos

2x4 tent / 3 gallon fabric pots / 4" I-power fan / G-hydro filter / passive intake /
Spider Farmer sf2000 205w / used happy frog turned living soil / Earth Dust dry organic

I set my soil to cook on 2/4 I will allow it to cook for a min of two weeks before I pop the seeds once they sprout I’ll put them directly into the soil which will be another first, generally I’ll use solo cups but from what I’ve been told autos should go straight into their forever homes. I will be dropping seeds here in the next couple days.

Well here we go I’ll try to keep this as up to date as possible.
I’m going to


My recommendation would be to use the solo cup first. Then the final pot. It is mush easier to over water in a final pot that a solo cup. For me, I drown every one I have ever tried when starting in a final pot. Just a though. This looks to be a good grow :+1:


Sry to interup but what’s this u mention cooking your soil?? Is this just prepping your soil and placing under the lights?


No, when you add a bunch of organic amendments to soil it is a good idea to allow for it to work/ cook together with the living organisms to get the ph in balance the fungus to grow, decomposition to start, give the little critters time to make food for your plants so instead of trying to keep up with the plants needs it stays ahead of it. I go at least 2 weeks but some people go a month or longer.


Thanks for the tag.

I’m following!


Ok cool thanks. Sounds like another overly complicated path for me to avoid. Lmao. Interested to see how it works tho. I need a few more good grows under my belt before I start trying any of that stuff.

I drink an unrealistic amount of coffee everyday and I’ve heard coffee grinds and ground egg shells are good to add to your soil. Was thinking of starting to save some?


Actually it’s the easiest way to grow other than the time in the beginning all I do after is 2 top dressings for flower and I water period. No ph testing no measuring nutes no runoff just tap water


That simple?? What’s the cost comparison for this stuff.?

I am watching. You know it buddy. It is a very easy way to grow actually.


Teach me my masters. I am a sponge for knowledge. But I also like to keep it simple.


About $5 per 5 gallon plant. Check it out it’s called Earth Dust and it’s sold by thegreensunshineco. "Dot you know what " can’t link it :shushing_face:


Available in Canada?

You’d have to check with them. I know that kisorganics. Dot you know what. Also has a similar product and I’m sure that there’s alot more companies out there as well. ClackamasCoot. Or buildasoil. To build your own soil the problem with that is you have to buy each ingredient separately and then store the leftovers for your next grow. I didn’t mention before but you continue to use the same soil over and over so you save on that expense as well you just add the nutes to your used soil. You can do like I do and have extra soil n pots and have it cooking while you finish the grow you are on. I’m starting a new tent so I’m behind on my pre-planning lol



I popped the seeds for this grow on 11/6 had some problems in the beginning because I found out my cancer was back and have had a couple surgeries since then so I almost killed these a couple times with pure neglect. Being sick is why I didn’t have a journal going on these

I’m just going to do a picture time-line to catch up with the grow

11/19 babies

12/8 started training after being topped over the 3rd node all 9 are manifolds with 8 tops… I did have to pull one king it was a male and the plants don’t stay in their position this is just to show what’s being grown and where they were at the time of this pic

12/24 update next pic was 12/26 did a little supercropping to maintain the canopy next 1/8 update shows manifolds next 1/15 a little more supercropping

1/26 day 15 of flower switched on 1/11 1/31 trim day 2/8 installed new sf7000

And finally the newest pic I have 2/12


Thanks for the tag. Set to watching for sure looks great :+1:

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Good look’n stuff. Glad you decided to do a journal. Now I can see more fully the great work you do.
Thanks for the tag


Is that a vivosun 2x4 tent? Was thinking about getting one

No I got this one because it was a foot taller than most of the other 2x4s