First grow in over 15 years! Would absolutely love and appreciate some guidance (lights)

I have scoured a plethora of text and bodies of information on what can absolutely make or break my first indoor grow op in over 15 years. Oh boy, how things have changed and I am so grateful for any and all help!

This is my first post in what will be many (now that I have found this amazing community) Sorry for the longer initial post but I think all information can be helpful.

I started my indoor grow a few months back by gathering all of my supplies. As mentioned above, I was able to successfully grow a long time ago with limited resources or information. Just local “underground” knowledge or tips from other gardeners that I would then turn into potential tools for cannabis cultivation. My bedroom closet was converted into my space. Taped aluminum foil on the walls, fluorescent tube lighting and my makeshift but oh so loved space was ready. After many failed attempts, I finally got a successful harvest. Of course very airy light buds, but I was more than elated.

Fast forward to present day, and I am lucky enough to be back in the game! I have some experience and have done enough research to absolutely be confident in my abilities for a successful yield. However, with all of the preparation and advice and even work experience within the cannabis industry (unfortunately not on the cultivation side of things) I found myself back at square 1 in regards to what may be the most important factor to my grow, which is lighting.

My grow tent is 32”x32”x63” so about 3ft across/wide and 5ft tall. I found it easier to control factors like temperature and humidity in a smaller controlled tent especially now that my grow is out of a closet and in the tent which is in a controlled room by itself in the basement. The soil I love and have had much success growing other things in which is Cost of Maine products, along with nutrient plans etc. I’m growing 2 feminized seeds at the moment which is perfect for my tent and first grow back. The seeds are from a reputable breeder and I have a fair amount of information on trying to grow this particular strain, which is DXC99 (Durban Thai X Cinderella 99). Very excited about that hehe

I’m about to technically enter week 4 of veg (recommended about 6-8 for this strain) Both plants look great in all honesty. They were transplanted some time back to their 5 gal homes and both were topped and recovered just fine. The current light I am using I find little information on, however the things I have read generally all had really good things to say which can be a little misleading since I know my lights seem doable but subpar for sure.

The light is a Yintatech 600w (so puts out 70ish watts) and using a PAR meter for readings (DLI etc) it seems to match the lights specs but only when VERY close to the light, which negates all recommended hanging recommendations for this particular model. I dropped the lights to about 10”-12 away from the canopy and the plants seemed to react really well. Like I said, they seem to be doing great but I know I most likely will need more light.

My biggest goal of course is that I want a successful yield with healthy and happy plants given my tents size. Maximize my tools, so to speak. For legit and proper specs like DLI and PAR (PPFD) what would you wonderful people recommend for lighting given my tents size? I want great coverage but also don’t need to spend thousands to do so (once again given my tents smaller size) A legit trustworthy tried and true light to maximize my space for my 2 gals that isn’t beyond overkill for my current setup. I would love nothing more than to have that bode of confidence in the lighting that I am using and know that it will get me from start to finish.

Also, I have a second 600w (so 70ish watt) Yintatech identical to my current light that can daisy chain together. Should I add the second light so each plant gets their own light fixture and does anyone think that would be sufficient lighting with both? Or should I stick with the current 1 light and introduce the 2nd light before flowering? And lastly, if I get a new light is it a bad idea to swap out lights halfway through a veg cycle like that or best to just finish these ladies out and start the next batch with the new lighting?

Seriously everyone, your time and energy is so much appreciated!


How many plants are you planning to grow? I’ve read each takes around 75 watts, but I use 100w per plant


Welcome to the community and back to growing. Your tent foot print is 5 sq ft so a lighting of 200-250 true watts would be needed for optimum bud development. I’m sure you have all the nutrient tools like a PH and TDS pen?? Post some pics of your set up and plants :love_you_gesture:


Welcome to the community!


I would say either the viper spectre bar lights or the spider farmer bar style lights even the mars hydro bar style lights

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Welcome. Curious, what aspect of the cannabis industry do you work?

I have a 3x3x7’ tent. It is the perfect size for my space. Your tent being only 63" is very restrictive and you will need to adapt what you do to this limitation. One thing that can be done is move the carbon filter and exhaust fan outside of the tent. This will give you a little more valuable space.

Changing lights or spectrums between veg and flower is very common. And changing lights during veg is also not a problem. Changes in light quality and intensity should be accounted for - height & power draw.

A couple of lights that are far more suited to your space are

HLG 260 QB V2 Rspec - kit some assembly required

Another HLG - assembled plug & play

Specs for 300 which are comparable the 260

Another option that has been mentioned and recommended on the forum. Good components, Samsung 301 diodes and $100 - 200 less

HLG is in Ohio and Green Beams is in Michigan.


Is this the light you currently have?

If so it is only a 60 watt light (Actual Power: 60W±5%)
I also noticed you said you have 2 of these lights. Even with using them both, you would only have 120 watts. So using both lights may flower one plant :thinking: But if you’re looking for the best, I would get a better light before you switch to flower.

Hey @Kingston I’ve been using a paiR of HYPHOTOFLUX HPF4000’s and haven’t had any issues in a 4’x9’ tent. For your grow one of the HPF4000’s would be a bit more then you need but you can always dial it back.
For your tent size you can use a HYPHTONFLUX HPF3000 for a perfect fit.


I’m hoping to keep 2 strong and healthy girls going at a time. Right now I have 2 DXC99 (Durban Thai X Cinderella 99) and next batch I’m going to try growing Rosetta Stone. As soon as I get my lights down.

Thanks for responding! I’ll definitely post some pics today of the ladies. Like I said they seem to be doing really well but I need to get the lights totally under control.

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I’ve been looking at Spider and Mars models. I heard the Mars TS1,000 for my space would be sufficient but then researching a little seems like a similar problem I’m in currently where the lighting at a certain point wouldn’t be sufficient. I’ll absolutely look beyond the TS.

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@Tdevine @beardless @LateNightGardner Wow thank you so much! The feedback so far has been great and I’ll put pictures up today. To answer Beardless I worked in front house as a budtender, I’ve packaged and labeled product, and also worked in inventory vaults fulfilling customer/patient orders. So a little bit of everything minus cultivating so here I am.

And yes, that is the Yintatech light I had initially found. It’s great to know that I can switch lights during veg and before flower no problem. Week 4 veg today so until I make the final decision on a new light I am going to add the 2nd light just to get as much in there for now as possible and I’m hoping to have the new light decision made and ordered today. I would definitely still like to stick with LED so was led towards some Mars and HLG. The Hyphotonflux that @LateNightGardner really has me intrigued and absolutely looking into it now.


@Kingston I just bought a 2nd TS1000, got it Saturday and it was only $100.00. You can daisy these as well. 150w true draw per light so 300w fills my tent and I only grow 1 plant at a time. Also has the dimmer from 25-100% so you can dial that in based on your height. Working great for me. I have the Mars Hydro tent that is 37x37x71"


@Bonjoyle Girl looks great and well trimmed/trained! I absolutely love the gnome just chillin in the space keepin the lady company!

Thank you for sharing on the Mars TS1000. I liked the dimmer and how the footprint was broken down on their main site. How was the progress using just the 1 TS? Now that you have 2 I’m sure things will only get more awesome!

1 was fine honestly. 150w per plant is totally acceptable. I am shooting for 1 gram per watt per plant, would like to get close to a pound each grow. She told me over the weekend she wanted more space so I decidied to buy the 2nd light knowing she was gonna explode (hopefully) once I transplanted. She grew 1-1/2" within 36 hours after the transplant. One thing about lights, it is always better to have too much with the ability to dial it down than to not have enough.

This is her at 18 weeks veg before adding the 2nd light.

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I have that same tent and run a HLG 300 RSPEC (270 watts)

@Kingston…I am also just getting back into it. My last real grow was 37 years ago. Bought some seeds from ILGM and have loved every minute of growing again. I use the same process as I did back in the day but with these new lights, at least with this first grow, the results are incredible.

I grow in soil and indoors only so if you have any questions knowing that is my setup, I may have already stumbled on the answers. This is a great forum.

Welcome aboard!


I tried to upload photos and give updates on the gals and once again thank @Sammys @OGIncognito @Tdevine @Aussie_autos @LateNightGardner @kellydans for all the help but for whatever reason the site wouldn’t allow me to yesterday but here it is!

The photos include the setup when I added the 2nd Yintatech 600w while the new light arrived. New light (Mars TS1000) is in. Wow! As you can see, what a difference! The gals seem to be loving life and should surly thank me even more now!

I’ll keep sharing progress as these first couple of ladies (Durban Thai X Cinderella 99) eventually go into flowering. Next strain I am growing Rosetta Stone. Debating keeping 2 smaller tents or upgrade eventually to one larger tent.


Looking good! My next strain is girl scout cookies extreme from ilgm :smile:


Nice looking plants , I like the spacing on the nodes.

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