First grow hitting 8 weeks and most leaves are yellowing (Normal late in flowering or lacking something?)

This is my first grow, my northern lights auto are exactly 8 weeks old today and have been flowering for at least 3-4 weeks now. They have been raised in an ocean forest/ happy frog soil of 2-1. Right now they are on a 20-4 light schedule and take about .5 gal a day during waterings. I started using calmag a few weeks ago as I see needed, which was about every two to three waterings. I top coated with ocean forest after week 3 and just did last night to hopefully give her some nuts to finish strong. The last time I checked run off was around 5.8 and water was a ph of 7.1. They are under a ts-600 hydromars with some supplemental colored led side lighting.I’m pretty sure they have another week or so to go but wanted to check in with more experienced people to see how you guys feel. Any help would be awesome.

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They have a few weeks to go, what kind of light are you using and how far above plants

You’ve got another 3 to 4 weeks to go FYI.

Yellowing is caused by cal mag def: I would up the dose and frequency of application. Remember all of those leaves will not recover.


Hydromars TS-600 at about 20" above canopy

I just finished a Northernlights and she started getting yellow leaves with about two weeks to go. I think that when autos get close to the end some strains may have a tendency to do this. I have no real experience, new grower also but I believe that because they are on a time schedule there are certain things we can’t control. If they are set to a time schedule for all other aspects of their life I would assume that they also have a clock ticking on time of death JMO. I also had a Lowryder auto with the Northernlights and that one was green all the way up to the last couple of days before harvest. Took her down today and she was just starting to get the death yellow leaves.

Imo underfed or potentially ph issue. Probably make last ditch couple of feedings and then ride her out. She won’t look the prettiest but should get you to the end.

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