First grow, gorilla glue, need mentoring

Is anyone interested to follow up with my grow and help me figure out how to make my new grow strive? I understand that I can just post my questions here, but answers are random and sometimes contradict one with another. I am growing in classic ebb & flow (flood & drain) with coco as medium. It will be good if you are local (Los Angeles area) and have real experience growing this way, this strain. I also have a strong desire to switch to aeroponic for the next grow.

I am in 5th week, 5 plants and 3rd week other 6. I have only one table so far, and one room. MH lamps 600-1000w. I should be able to make second room with second table up and running withing couple of weeks and good quality led lamps are coming. So, I am trying to figure it out, should I just start my flowering stage like this, or I am ok to wait this two weeks in veg and then switch all of them into flowering.
Thank you!

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